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Monday, 22 September 2014

The Flirt Store - Online Shoes Shopping cum Concierge Delivery

Photosource: http://www.theflirtmobile.com/
So... I chanced upon The Flirt Store and checked out some of the shoes on its website. Note that I am not a fan of online shopping, despite the fact that technology has evolved greatly, and most people I know are already shopping from the comfort of their homes / offices / on the go.

One of the reasons that I demur from online shopping is that we are unable to try the items on for feel, look and most importantly, size. For full list of reasons on the why not, read on here.

Anyway, I decided to give The Flirt Store (claiming to supply "luxurious shoes") a try, since they offer concierge delivery service. As in, their concierge would bring the shoes personally to your place of convenience, let you try on them for sizes, design and comfort, before you decide if you want to get anything at all.

I selected three pairs (because another two pairs were either sold out, or did not have my size). I was a little displeased that they kept asking if I was a size 34 or 37, because they claimed I chose 37 - no way, not via email or phone correspondence such a mistake could have been possible.

The concierge guy was friendly and polite. So he took out a few pairs of shoes for me to try on. I had deliberately worn my comfortable Pazzion rhinestones-studded high-heeled slippers for ease of trying on shoes this day.

I tried on the first pair that I had selected - black and silver peep-toes high heels. It felt rather comfortable as I walked about a litte, and I had to admit it looked good on me (and with most of my black outfits).

Next, I tried on the electric blue,  satin-like peep-toe heels with rhinestone designs at the front. They felt rather all right as well, on the plush carpeted floors, and looked good. Plus, I have not owned a pair of shoes in this color before.

Finally, I slipped into the final pair I chose - black peep-toes heels with wavy lines and purple soles. It looked good, but was uncomfortable to walk in because of the wavy lines - I kept feeling like the shoes were going to come off.

I also tried on a pair of pink ones that I did not like. I did not ask what were in the other 4 boxes, since he brought 8 pairs of shoes along (different sizes of the same designs, perhaps?). I decided to take the first two pairs because they looked and felt quite good (though nothing like when you slip into a pair of Nine West's soft cushy heels), and because he'd come all the way to deliver the shoes.

He also promised that if the rhinestones dropped off or something we could always let them know and they would fix for us.

Payment could be made by credit online, but it was my first time ordering and I wasn't sure if anything would fit, I selected cash option. He also brought along a Nets machine, just in case we decided to buy more, or did not have enough cash on us.

While the concept was good, service was quite efficient and polite, and I did receive a nice percentile discount, I do have to write an honest review:-

(i) I finally worn the shoes officially a few days later. While still comfortable, I think they are seriously overpriced for the quality. They are like the kind we could get for $50.00 or less in , say, Hong Kong, Taiwan, etc, and these shoes are MIC (not meant as discrimination, but let's all be practical).

Each pair costs between SGD$99.00 - SGD$119.00 but I believe that a large portion of the costs goes to the concierge service.

(ii) The soles were somewhat slippery, which plays down to its quality once more. I guess I could not make an informed decision because I was walking on plush carpeting the other day when trying.

(iii) I received many calls before the delivery, to confirm, and re-confirm my orders and meeting date. It was as though they were afraid I would not show up or anything. As mentioned, I also had to keep repeating my shoe size, despite having replied them via email (in black and white) that I am a 34. After the sale, there was no thank you email or text, which I felt was a small letdown - don't delivery services usually have these?

Let's see what is the lifespan of each pair of these shoes. I shall update again accordingly. For my current shoes regardless of brands (could be anything from Charles & Keith to the Aldo / Nine West range), all have a lifespan of about a year.

EDIT (four days later, my second time wearing it)

Note that the side (the silver grid) has already been torn off. Mind you - these heels are high, I don't wear them to dance or run or fight wars, neither have I stepped into any muddy puddles. Hence, conclusion - quality is very mediocre despite the prettiness and initial comfort of wearing these shoes. I wouldnt buy again, nor would I recommend my friends or colleagues to do so - no point paying 60% of the money for concierge service.

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