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Thursday, 11 September 2014

Lunch at Tea Dot Cafe @ Westgate

3 Gateway Drive #01-08 Westgate, Singapore 608532
Tel: 9645 7289

I have enjoyed Tea Dot Cafe's teas all the while- from its first branch at Iluma Bugis to Tampines One to Nex @ Serangoon. Hence, it was no surprise that when I chanced upon it at Westgate one day, I decided to have lunch here.

Even as I was looking at their wide array of seemingly interesting pastries and cakes, I already knew what I was looking for, an all-time favorite, and the very reason I was here.

The Wild Jackfruit Cake (SGD$6.50) - loaded with delicious jackfruit pulp, was one of the main reasons I was here, actually. The cheesy chiffon cake was soft and moist, layered with layers of sweet jackfruit that gave the entire cake a luscious deliciousness with the distinctive fragrance of jackfruit.

The Buddy had a slice of Chocolate Guanaja cake (SGD6.80) - a rich, dark chocolate cake with sticky coat of moist chocolate coating on the outside. Inside, it was soft and fluffy, layered with crunchy pieces of praline. It was the perfect creation for chocolate lovers, truly.

Just in case you were wondering - yes, we had desserts before the mains were served. My radical idea.

My main course was the Apple and Goat Cheese Salad (SGD$11.95) - a healthy and delicious meal. Freshly-cut red apples were aplenty, as were lettuce, rocket, cherry tomatoes and raisins. The only problem was that I had kind of forgotten that I do not like goat cheese, hence the first bite left me recoiling at the strong odor. Skipping the cheese thereafter, I was able to enjoy the sweet crispness of the vegetables and fruits delightedly.

The Buddy had the Classic Ham & Cheese Sandwich (SGD$9.95) - Ciabatta bread loaded with generous slices of tender ham and cheese, served with side salad and chips. The Buddy said that it was tasty overall..

For drinks, I had been disappointed that my Lavendar Earl Grey Iced Tea was no longer being served, hence I tried the Yuzu Oolong Iced Tea (SGD6.95) - which tasted light and sweet, with cirtusy hints courtesty of yuzu. It was refreshing enough for me.

There was a new Lollipop Earl Grey tea (SGD$7.00) hence the Buddy tried it - well, this drinks looks pretty in its un-stirred form. It tasted like iced milk tea with its hints of caramel lusciousness.

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