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Monday, 1 September 2014

Informal updates

This is something out of the norm for me, but I must say that some changes have been rather pleasing to note. I was part of an online forum that seemed potential to turn into something lovelier, and members could redeem credits for chatting and make new friends, etc.

Discuss SG - http://www.discuss.com.sg

The rewards were real, and some of us have redeemed vouchers, cheques etc from this platform. Some genuine friendship has been formed as well. However, it was run by the wrong leader, turning it into a playground of sorts for his own pleasure, and some other lies or breach of members' confidentiality that I shall not disclose.

Recently, it is good to see that the potential platform has changed hands, and is now managed by a team that is experienced, professional and have at least one member who is adept in managing many other businesses. More changes have been implemented, as well as marketing measures (more budget from a bigger corporation?).  

That's getting Step 1 of my plan out of the way (even though it may just be the ownership changing hands instead of closure) :)

Anyway, do feel free to register and earn credits for chatting / playing games / referring friends etc at this online forum.

On a sidenote, there had to be some eliminations in order to get to the end results that I want,so I had worked on it.  Recently I came across an ex-forummer's post (shown to me by another fellow forummer) on her blog that denoted me as being "jealous", "bitter", "sarcastic" etc, amongst other things. It amused me greatly, because sadly, while people like her were harboring fantasies that they were important enough for me to "hate" them , they failed to see that they were just insignificant roles that had to be tossed out of the way to make room for bigger ones, lol.

To put it in layman's terms, it was all an act to get the minor inconveniences out of the way to attain the end results - the battle was never between me and her (or the others who thought I "hated" them), it was always between me and the bigger players.  They were just digits to be diminished for part of a business.

And the joke is, she actually thought I would be jealous of someone who looks like that?! 

Ok, I can hear you all laughing uproariously. BE NICE!

The best part is, she thinks that owning a few pieces of branded items and cafe-hopping is termed as "struggling to lead the high life". 

Ok, now go and laugh your hearts out!

People sure didn't call her a dimwit for nothing, and now I see why.

I am concluding this now. Don't take it too hard yeah. I am not trying to be mean here, but people need to grasp reality sometimes. I couldn't care less if the whole load of them return to the forum, or even buy over it now. LOL. 

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