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Thursday, 4 September 2014

Dinner at Stuttgart Blackforest Boutique S-Cafe (again)

After the first time discovering Stuttgart Blackforest Boutique S-Cafe, I suggested to my dear girls *Charmaine and *Micaela to dine there since it is near their office. Located at 141 Middle Road, #01-01 GSM Building, Singapore 188976, the number to dial is 6336 8875.

I was late because of a company event, but nonetheless *Micaela saved a portion of sausage for me from her dish of Lentils, homemade Swabian pasta and Sausages dish (SGD$15.00). The sausage was springy with freshness, and tasted of real veal meat instead of the artificial / mixed-meat flavors of some sausages elsewhere. The gravy was a lovely mushroomy flavor - which *Micaela couldn't help but swipe clean the plate with bread, lolling in the deliciousness of the gravy.

I had the Maultaschen Swabian Dumplings with Potato Salad (SGD$15.00) with Tomato Salsa dressing. The potato salad with its tiny cubes of potato was something I have been craving for since the last time I had it. The dumpling skin was made of pasta / dough, and the ground beef inside the dumplings was tasty in a light flavor. There was not an ounce of fatty meat to be found, which scored high points in my book. Topped with the sour-sweet salsa sauce, this dish was simply divine!

An Engel Radler beer (SGD$12.00) accompanied my meal, and I liked it more than the Alpirsbacher Radler  that I had during the last visit. Light and fizzy with deliciousness of lemonade amongst this pure beer, it was the perfect drink after a hard day's of work.

*Charmaine had the good sense to order the single portion Pork Knuckle (SGD$18.00) - which she held praises for as well, except that the portion was large. I knew one of these girls would order the pork knuckle already, since it was one of our favorites during the Paulaner's days.

I was glad that the beauties enjoyed the beautiful cafe and the food. Anyway, after *Micaela left, I had two male friends, *M and *E joining us for beers and tea, and a slice of the must-have Blackforest cake infused with alcohol (SGD$10.00). This time, we migrated from the wooden table to the lounge area where it was more comfortable, relaxed, and  not as cold (a corporate event was taking place upstairs, hence the air-conditioning was set very low, despite the open doors).

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