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Sunday, 28 September 2014

Brunch at Cedele Bakery Cafe @ HillV2 Mall

4 Hillview Rise, #01-12 / 13 Hill V2, Singapore 667979
Tel: 6534 9581

I have dined at Cedele many times at different outlets, but decided to write about this brand new outlet at this very novel mall HillV2.

A lovely cafe serving healthy, wholesome artisan food that is essential organic, the buddy *Gareth suggested having brunch there and I happily acceded.   The tantalizing array of pastries and cakes are mouthwatering to say the least, but we decided to check out the warm food.

This is not unlike any other cafe that serves gourmet coffee and deliciously-prepared cuisine, and there was already a crowd on this late weekend morning. We took in the spacious, relaxing setting and settled down for some catching up.

After placing orders at the counter, *Gareth snagged some Free Flow Bread with olive oil. I passed, even though Cedele's bread is good.

His Red Rooibos Tea (SGD$4.00) was served first, a soothingly hot mug of perk-me-up.

I didn't know what to order so to play safe, ordered something I'd drank before - the Iced Rooibos Lemon Tea (SGD4.50) - a refreshing and cooling slightly-acidic concoction.

For brunch, *Gareth had the Basil Pesto Chicken Thins (SGD$9.50) - wraps with tortilla skins with a smooth grated / floury texture and tender chicken meat. The distinctive "grassy" flavor of basil and pesto complemented the chicken well, making this a simple yet delicious meal.

I had the Egg Tofu set (SGD14.50) - comprising of two melt-in-your-mouth crispy toasts, sunny eggs, mushrooms, cherry tomatoes and fried tofu strips. I piled the eggs onto the toast so that the egg yolk could be absorbed by the bread to maximise tasty factor, but what I didn't expect was how crispy and soft the toast was - almost like molasses, truly delicious. The tofu was another interesting element in this otherwise-normal brunch set, and I love the bland soy flavor to beancurds... so this made for a rather nutritious breakfast that came along with sumptuous taste.

Thanks for the suggestion, *Gareth!

On a sidenote, I am rather disappointed that two of my favorite items from Celede has been removed from the menu, one being the Avocado and Shrimps Sandwich (SGD$10.90) which I would usually order with wholemeal bread, and also the Cod Fish Sandwich (SGD$13.90). Some good things that don't last, and old things always have to make room with new innovations I guess.

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