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Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Lunch at SMITHS Authentic British Fish & Chips

271 Bukit Timah Road #01-02 Balmoral Plaza, Singapore 259708
Tel: 6737 9313

Smiths' is an eatery serving authentic British fish & chips - fresh fish in a crisp batter, alongside with thick chips and a splash of vinegar and salt. I love Fish & Chips, and have a list of favorite restaurants to visit for my F&C cravings -  hence this definitely piqued my interest (thanks to colleague and newfound buddy for suggesting to go there for lunch!)

Done in a simple bistro concept, with friendly service crew with their ever-ready recommendations and smiles, Smiths' offers a comfortable dine-in environment and welcomes take-aways too.

We decide to sit outdoors, where the breezes constantly came in to caress our skin while we dined in a relaxed manner at this porch-like setting. See the vinegar and salt holders on the table? A pity none of us thought to try splashing some of that onto our fish.

I had the North Sea Cod Fish & Chips (SGD$14.90 for small) and a Diet Coke. The serving was wrapped in paper - simple and not fussy at all. We simply unrolled the sheets of paper and spread the crispy food on the table, and dug in.

My Cod was tasty - the usual fresh sweetness of cod was preserved despite its fried state, and the skin was crispy of course. The fries were sweet as well, because of the sugar that it was fried with (hence some of the edges had darkened edges) - I prefer my salty fries.

The Buddy had the Haddock Fish & Chips (SGD$13.50 for small) - since I was passing him nearly half my Cod. Well.... haddocks being haddocks, there was a slight acidic overture to the flesh amongst the fresh sweetness of its taste. All I could say is I was glad I ordered my Cod.

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