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Friday, 22 August 2014

Dinner at CafeBiz @ Traders Hotel / 49th National Day theme

1A Cuscaden Road, Level 1, Traders Hotel, Singapore 249716
Tel: 6831 4374

It was time for dinner with *Sidney again, catching up time. I walked into the dimly lit CafeBiz for their 49th dishes for National Day buffet dinner. Well, it wasnt National Day that I went, but close, and they have the 49 local dishes to commemorate our nation's 49th birthday.

The understated, elegant restaurant was crowded with diners, but the service crew was rather attentive and efficient overall.

There a huge spread of exotic cuisine in this International buffet concept - and I took a walk around trying to decide on what to eat. Tough luck I had to feel under the weather on this day!

The food arrangement was a little messy, in my humble opinion. Anyway, there were Japanese counters, Chinese food counters, fruit counters, seafood counters etc so far, along with some very vintage Singaporean / Chinese kitchenware (old fashioned flask, teapots and mugs etc) adorning the various shelves.

Here's some bread rolls if one prefers the Western way of having bread and sandwiches for dinner.

And the station with coffee, tea or .... yuan yang?

Even the Desserts station is so prettily decorated - comprising of many different types of cakes, tarts, fondue, miniatures in glass jars, herbal jelly (guileng gao) etc. They also have lots of local desserts such as Malay kueh, the Chinese ang ku kueh etc.

Wherein here begins the 49 dishes of local cuisine - Chilli Crab, Chinese vegetables, fried Hokkien mee etc, all labelled with a number and short description.

There are also dimsum items, fried chicken, Nasi Lemak, and Indian dishes such as curry, etc. One is definitely spoilt for choice here.

These two were my favorite stations - one serving us delicious oyster omelet, laksa and prawn noodles, whereas the other serving little fried squids. I like the olden calendar pages listing the name of the dishes.

Having said that, this is the "table mat" informing us of the 49th National day celebration from 8 August to 31 August 2014 here. Love the tiny little icons!

My first plate was some palate teaser of the 49 local items - fried Hokkien noodles with prawns and squids, a portion of the Chilli Crab, a piece of fried squid, Sambal Kangkong and Pig Trotter! All the items were tasty and cooked in flavors of the goodness of authentic local cuisines.

The Prawn Noodles tasting of a scrumptious herbal soup base was my next steal - a warm delight for a cold evening.

How could I not attack the Sashimi counter next? Disappointingly, the sashimi was not very fresh - unlike those with chefs at the counter cutting for us, like 10 @ Claymore and The Line. The Oyster Omelet was another story though - crispy fried egg with lots of juicy oysters. I went back for second helpings but the stock was cleared and I didn't check for refills thereafter.

I was at Desserts next - a tiny Egg Tart, Ang Ku Kueh (red sticky pastry with beanpaste fillings within), Chocolate Fondue stick, a slice of Chocolate Pistachio cake and a slice of Green Tea Cheesecake.

After some tea and water-melon, I was headed for home. The food overall is not bad, and the variety is good. The price per adult should be around $60++

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