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Tuesday, 22 July 2014

UCC Coffee Appreciation

UCC Ueshima Coffee Co Ltd (founded in 1933) , serving premium Japanese coffee, has developed businesses in all sorts of coffee-related fields as the leader of Japan's coffee industry. There are more than 10 countries today which enjoys UCC's premium, imported coffee.

It is not considered a new kid on the block in Singapore, in fact there used to be a UCC Cafe in Takashimaya back in 2010. Today, many restaurants, hotels, individuals and 7-11 stores all serve UCC quality coffee. UCC serves coffee in many different manners and ways - coffee beans, 3-in-1 packets, drip packs, coffee powder for machines, etc. There are also many different flavors to suit different individuals and each one's unique preference.

For those who prefer the stronger, purer flavors of exotic coffee flavors, this drip pack comes in handy for office use, home use and even travels. The adventurous ones, or the testers, are able to try one flavor a day to locate their personal favorite.

For those who are more accustomed to localized flavors born out of convenience in this fast-paced society, there are these 3-in-1 packets available, with sugar and creamer added for efficiency. Besides the coffee flavors available currently (White Coffee, Colombia Coffee, Sumiyaki Coffee), they also have milk tea (Teh Tarik) and Hot Chocolate flavors to suit even the non-coffee drinkers.

Or if one uses small coffee machines, and prefers capsuled beverages, the K-cups serve as good alternatives. Besides many coffee flavors (such as Blue Mountain, Charcoal Roast, Basic Roast, Fukari etc), one also gets to enjoy very pure Jasmine Tea or Green Tea flavors in capsule form.

With such a wide range and array of products, there is a match for everyone, regardless of preference and suitability. If you like UCC coffee or would like to have samples, please feel free to email me at cloverleafwish@gmail.com, thanks.

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