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Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Dinner at HKc (Hong Kong Café 港味軒) @ Nex

It was time for meeting up with two of my favorite girls - *Janice and *Amelia, and we decided to try out the new HKc (Hong Kong cafe) located at 23 Serangoon Central, #B1-30 / 31 Nex, Singapore 556083 and the number to dial is 6636 8997. We were pretty certain that it was another restaurant prior to that, so well, its fairly new.

We browsed the menus while munching on the mini platter of Si Chuan vegetables (preserved vegetables) they'd set on the table for us, that cost SGD$2.00. I did not manage to snap photos of this.crunchy, sapid-flavored dish. We ordered an assortment of Dimsum items to share, since everyone was feeling under the weather in one way or other.

The Har Gow (SGD$4.30) was served first - prawn dumplings essentially. The prawns were quite fresh and the crystalline skin was rather light, so while we were not wowed, there was nothing to complain about. It was har gow.... simply that.

Next, we tried the Steamed Spare Ribs (SGD$4.80) - which comprised of rather tender ribs in tiny cubes and tasting lovely in a dark sauce tinged with slight hints of spiciness.

Following that, we had the Fried Shrimp Wanton (SGD$3.80), which was fried shrimp dumplings. The skin was crispy and the inside consisted of sweet shrimp meat, so we were rather pleased with this item as well.

Finally, the Combination Platter (SGD18.80) was being served - an assortment of roast pork, roast chicken and roast duck all chopped neatly and nicely decorated for us. The skin of the roast pork was crispy so it lent credence to the roast pork overall. The roast chicken and roast duck were pretty average, probably because we had been expecting better standards from a Hong Kong restaurant / cafe.

I had a Hot Pomelo tea (SGD$ 3.00) which was lovely, and overall each of us spent SGD$16.00 each, so it was a very afforable meal.

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