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Saturday, 14 June 2014

Dinner at Thai Express Restaurant

Thai Express needs no introduction to its afforable, delectable Thai food. and the availability of its outlets islandwide. I have dined here a few times over the years, at various outlets, trying their Tom Yum, Glass Noodles and Curry Soft Shell Crab with Rice.

Each outlet is furnished simply and in comfort, with Thai-themed decor and providing the basic essential service to diners (some outlets more polite than others).

The Beau and I noted the changes in the menu, but were glad that the items we wanted to re-visit did not disappear from the menu.

Tonight, we selected the Tom Yum Talay - Seafood Tom Yum soup with rice - as part of our dinner. This was the clear tom yum soup, so it was not as spicy, and the sour overtures were very much toned down. It was like a spicier version of our Chinese seafood soup, and there were fish, shrimps and squid in the soup. The shrimps were surprisingly fresh and bouncy in texture.

We also shared the Phat Thai Talay - seafood with glass noodles, fried with spring onions, scattered with chilli powder and ground peanuts. The taste was not too sapid, but lightly flavorful infused with the sweetness of seafood, and the glass noodles were smooth to the tongue's touch.

Drinks-wise, we had the Red Dragon (SGD$6.90) - a fruity drinks consisting of fizzy base and a variety of fruits including dragon fruit - an item that is not on the menu. It tasted like F&N's cherryade, or a little hint of the pink cough syrup meant for children; and sad to say - if it weren't for the presence of tiny dragonfruit seedlings in the drinks we would not have been able to detect what fruit were used in this drink. Nonetheless, it was a cooling refresher - something we needed for our spicy dishes.

We spent SGD$22.00++ on this simple but satisfying late dinner, glad for an outlet near my place of residence.

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