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Monday, 12 May 2014

Dinner at Singapore Food Trail @ Singapore Flyer

The original plan for Mother's Day was dinner at Singapore Food Trail (at her request - I believe that place reminds her of the late dad?) and perhaps riding the Singapore Flyer aka giant ferris wheel. The latter plan was aborted after dinner though, so we just enjoyed some very traditional food at Singapore Food Trail located at 30 Raffles Avenue, #01-09 / 12, Singapore Flyer, Singapore 039803 and the number to dial is 6338 1328.

Singapore Food Trail is a replica of olden Singapore days, bringing one back in time to Singapore's hawker scene in the past, hence one may dine in nostalgic charm in themed settings from the past. There are wooden tables and marble-tabletop dining tables. 

There is a wide variety of local street and hawker food for diners to choose from, and prices are reasonable overall. This is a makeshift ornament or workshop, I believe. I don't think they are selling any food here and did not see any hawker in sight. One could see all the old-fashioned sewing machines in sight.

There are stalls selling noodles and prawn fritters, emulating old-fashioned push carts of food peddlers in the past.

Then there are stalls selling Fried Hokkien noodles-  look at the old-fashioned metal grilled gates at the back, really feels like one is being transported back to the past.

Now this is a Satay Celup stall - similar to the "lok-lok" in Johor Bahru where one picks the skewers of food items they want, then the stall owner would cook or warm the items, and there is a pot of gravy for dipping the skewers of food items in. 

We had the Changi Village Mei Xiang Carrot Cake. It was quite light in taste and soft - truth be told, nothing too special, but smooth enough to be likeable.

The other item on our table was the Ang Mo Kio Yong Heng Fried Baby Squid Hokkien Mee (SGD$8.00) - it wasnt bad. The broth made the noodles very tasty, and the prawns were succulent; the noodles were rather bouncy as well so overall the noodles were quite sumptuous.

I contributed the Old Airport Road Satay Celup (SGD$8.00) because I have always heard about the famous "lok-lok", I've never eaten it before, and was curious to know what it was all about. I guess for this dish, the skewers of seaweed chicken, fishballs, cuttlefish, scallops etc are items that are pretty common and cannot go wrong - hence the dip is very important. The dip served was akin to a thick peanut gravy, and it was gratifying that we were given our individual plates of dip instead of one big pot of dip where everyone dips their skewers into. This was hygienic and a crispy assortment of items.

We also had the Alhambra Satay Club Satay - beef, mutton and chicken. The flesh was BBQ-ed to perfect crispiness, and the marinated meat were tasty. The thick spicy peanut dip added flavor to the satay, making it another tastebud teaser.

Lastly, some icy cold Chendol Balls (SGD$2.50 each) to wash down the hot food. The colorful ice balls contain loads of goodness within - such as jellies ("rubies"), red beans, attap seeds etc. It was a very refreshing and a welcoming, delightful burst of sweetness. 

Overall, it was an interesting (albeit hot) dining experience.

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