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Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Chillout at Culina Bistro at Dempsey

Just the other day, I went for drinks with one of the buddies at Dempsey Hill - we decided on Culina Bistro located at 8 Dempsey Road #01-13 Dempsey Hill, Singapore 247696. The number to dial is 6474 7338.

Basically, Culina's is Singapore's leading purveyor of gourmet foods and wines, an interesting grocey store with dinery concept similar to Jones the Grocer and Dean & Deluca

Its spacious, contemporary and elegantly-simple designs exude comfortable vibes that feel very inviting to its patrons. Seats are available both indoors and outdoors. I really like the modernistic European design of this bistro.

As one could see, there's an array of assorted wines, jams, jarred items, cheese etc awaiting for customers to shop and buy. Here they serve quality food and beverages. Buddy and I snagged a seat and the waitress came to take our order.

First, we started with a small bottle of dessert wine, Muscato (SGD$47.00). It was sweet and light like golden syrup, but not very smooth overall. Decent enough as a chillout wine and accompaniment to our oysters.

Anyway, the bread basket came first - delicious, freshly-baked rolls. They were still warm and fluffy, and tasted especially lovely with their olive oil with vinegar.

We ordered two each of the following oysters:-
Perle Blanche (white pearl) - sweet deep sea oyster with a creamy texture.(SGD$7.50 each)
Wild Big Oysters - raised on Atlantic coast, tasting of the ocean (SGD$6.50 each)
Perle Noire (black pearl) - sweet and creamy, with hints of iodine and hazelnut (SGD$6.00 each)
Royal Oyster - deep cupped, iodinised with a sweet finish (SGD$5.50 each)
Gillardeau - voluptuous, almost crunchy flesh, subtle and refined (SGD$6.50 each)

Overall, the service was alright and the cosy ambience are definitely delightful. The oysters are succulent and fresh, and even though I tried the vinaigrette on the oysters, finally doing the dishes.  The total bill came up to SGD$114.00

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