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Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Tea time at Lady M Confections @ Marina Square

Lady M Confections - another confectionary combining the tasteful techniques of creating French-Japanese blend desserts - is located at 6 Raffles Boulevard #02-103 Marina Square Shopping Centre, Singapore 039594 and the telephone number is 6822 2095. W henever I passed by, I was always intrigued by the snake-long queues, never understanding what the fuss was all about, but at the same time very curious to try whatever everyone was lining up to eat.

So today I finally had the chance to step into this spacious, sparkling white cafe for tea with my buddy Sidney*.  The place was lovely, like a snow palace and the gleaming tabletops were actually cold to the touch. As I glanced at the cakes menu my mouth literally watered, and I was hoping Sidney* would eat some cakes today so I could try more. Oh well, he only wanted coffee though.

So I ordered me a slice of Lady M Confections' famous Signature Mille Crepes cake - twenty pieces of paper-thin handmade crepes layered with ethereal light pastry cream and gently caramelized on top till a light golden brown.  The texture was light and yet resplendent of the crepes' gently sweetness. The hints of golden brown caramel "skin" added a burnt-sugar kind of raw flavor to the dreamy taste of the crepes cake. This was an indescribable beauty, I could have eaten another slice.

I paired the lovely cake with a cup of cuppuccino with very pretty foam art - and a generous sprizzle of chocolate sauce atop. This was nothing short of a perfect afternoon - hot, aromatic coffee and soft, sweet cake.

We spent SGD$21.50 in total - a cake and two coffees, which was not a pricey indulgence at all.

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