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Thursday, 16 January 2014

Lunch at Poulet Restaurant

Heard of the rather new Poulet opening in Singapore, and heard mixed reviews, so Edison*, Katherine and I decided to scout it out for our dining pleasure over lunch one day.

They have many outlets, we chose the one that was closer to our workplaces in general - 133 New Bridge Road, Level 2, Chinatown Point, Singapore 059413. The number is 6538 3595. There was no queue, so we snagged a comfortable booth seat.

The interior of Poulet is relaxing, done in light hues and cushy seats, setting the perfect ambience for casual comfort dining of classic French cooking techniques. The contemporary concept of wooden tables and modern classic chairs made the place ideal for friends, family, colleagues and dating couples alike.

We started our lunch with soups - who doesnt love soups? 

The Cream of Wild Mushroom and Idaho Potato was very rich, creamy and resplendent of mushroom taste. It went into the mouth like a dream, for those who love cream of mushroom soups. The potato touch was unique, and delightful.

The French Onion Soup was thick and palatable as well, respledent of the fragrance of sweet onions. It was a good starter.

Then we had the Escargot Bourgogne - half dozen Burgundy Snails served with Tomato Fondue and Almond Garlic Butter - it was literally a sumptuous burst of flavors in one's mouth. The escargots were huge, and juicy. The taste was slightly reminiscent of mussels, faintly metallic, but lovely. 

Next, the Poulet Roti - their signature roasted chicken in homemade Chardonnay Mushroom sauce. The golden brown skin was crispy, and the inside was tender and tasty. Infused with the very delicious gravy, we all understood why this dish tasted divine enough to be the restaurant's signature dish.

Served alongside the Poulet Roti was the Pressure-cooked Oxtail in Red Wine Sauce with Carrot and Onion. The oxtail was very buttery tender it floated into the mouth and just disintegrated smoothly, we were surprised. The taste was heightened by the impossibly delicious red-wine based gravy.

Last but not least, the next dish that came together with the two delicacies above - Braised Iberico Pork Belly - served with a bed of mashed potato beneath it and a mound of French mustard atop. It was rather tender and the taste was not bad, but we all did not like the fattiness of this dish.

Overall, we had a good, relaxing lunch at Poulet, and spent SGD30.00 each for this tasty casual French dining dinner.

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