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Friday, 24 January 2014

Lunch at Deli Moroccan

Wandering through the exotic Arab Street, it is inevitable that one would feel surreal, as if having been transported into another place and time. This is a culture haven lined with shops selling exquisite accessories and souveinirs, and restaurants serving palatable Mediterranean / Middle Eastern food, with the gorgeous golden dome of the Mosque in the backdrop. Yes, this is definitely a draw for tourists.

We decided to eat Moroccan food, having heard reviews from friends that it is delicious. I was always very curious about their cuisine, so Moroccan fare it was. Delimoroccan is located at 30 Bussorah Street, Singapore 199448 and the number to dial is 6298 0113. This is right in the heart of Arab Street itself.

The setting is done in heavy Moroccan taste- patterned table cloth with fringes, and the interior is filled with intricate cultural ornaments gracing the walls. One can choose to dine in the authentic restaurant, or enjoy the breezes of alfresco dining. Delimoroccan serves delicious, traditional Moroccan food in good portions - but the service leaves much to be desired.

We chose an outdoor table. and we started the meal with Mint Tea - both the Iced ones and the Hot ones, served in lovely glasses and teapots. The fresh mint leaves gives a subtle fragrance to the tea, nothing too strong; just refreshing.

We began the feast with a Hummus Musharmal - a stew of lettuce, tomatoes, chickpeas, onions and chicken dices cooked in a delicious, tomato-tasting hummus dressing. This was a delicacy served in elegant silverware, and we loved the light flavor of this ingredients with hints of sour-sweetness of tomatoes. The boiled chicken was very, very tender.

Next, the Grilled Chicken Kebab - a blend of deliciously-charred chicken meat with a salad of tomatoes, chickpeas and onions. The chicken was still pretty tender despite its grilled state.

Then the Beef Kufta Tagine - a Moroccan beef meatballs dish cooked in a spicy tomato sauce. We loved the spicy sauce, thick and scrumptious with eggs beaten in - and the ground beefballs were succulent as well. Paired with their delicious, thin, slightly-coarse pita bread, this dish was my favorite.

Finally, the Grilled Beef Kebab - a delicacy served with salad of tomatoes, chickpeas and onions on the side. We were surprised that the well-flavored, slightly smokey beef was tender (even slightly moist) instead of being too-dry, as most grilled kebab dishes are.

Three of us spent SGD27.00 each on our Moroccan meal, glad for the experience and pleased with the dishes.

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