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Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Dinner at Fish Mart Sakuraya

Fish Mart Sakuraya is an authentic Japanese dining concept where they set aside a dining space at the fish mart for shoppers to enjoy fresh, raw fish known as Sashimi as well as other cooked Japanese delicacies before / after their shopping. For Sashimi lovers, this place should be on the top of the "To-Visit" list - where else could one get fresh sashimi at prices way lower than ordering Sashimi platters in Japanese restaurants?

They have outlets at Anchorpoint, Parkway Parade and West Coast Plaza. I usually visit the branch at Parkway Parade, address is 80 Marine Parade Road #B1-84D Parkway Parade, Singapore 449269. For queries, do dial 6345 4714 - I am not sure if they take reservations.

Set in a very simple and clean-cut setting, complete with bright lights, wooden square tables and earthly tones of beige and white, this restaurants offers a very comfortable and no-fuss dining atmosphere.

If one prefers cooked dishes or Sushi, the servers would take your orders at your table. For the Sashimi lovers, pop over to the glass showcases displaying a wide selection of raw fish and seafood in different cuts and grammage - select the ones you would like to eat. 

They're packed in styrofoam boards and plastic wrap, like the kind one gets at supermarkets, so hand them to the counter staff - they will process, cut and serve nicely on plates to be savoured by the diners.

We love the fresh Sashimi tremendously - sweet, juicy and tender - regardless of salmon, tuna, squid, shrimps or swordfish.  See the tantalizing thick slices of raw fish arranged nicely, tempting the tongues and luring the tummies.

We also ordered an assortment of other items together - such as the Agadeshi Tofu - silken tofu cubes coated with potato starch, fried to a light golden hue and served hot, in a hot tentsuyu sauce (Japanese soy sauce) broth. Usually there would be fine sprinklings of spring onions and bonito flakes atop the meltingly-soft tofu cubes.

We also had the Breaded Fried Oysters - crispy and not greasy at all, so it tasted great.

See, here's a snapshot of our table filled with mouthwatering goodies from Sakuraya Fish Mart - Sashimi platters, Chawanmushi (steamed egg custard), Agadeshi Tofu, Fried Oysters, Cha Soba (Japanese cold green tea noodles) and a small bottle of Sake (Japanese rice beer).

We spent SGD$40.00 each on this simple but extremely satiating dinner. Head down now for some fresh fish shopping and "fresh catch dining", as how Sakuraya terms its concept.

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