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Monday, 13 January 2014

Dinner at Cheval @ Turf City

After my lunch at the old Turf Club, now Grandstand, at Riders Cafe, I decided to explore the new Turf City, so we ended up at Cheval Cafe / Bar / Bistro for dinner and chilling out. The address is 10 Woodlands Avenue 3, Singapore Turf Club Riding Centre, Singapore 739045 and the number is 6269 0918.

I loved the fact that this location was so secluded and serene, and the sunset was simply lovely, when we reached there.

The cafe / bistro boosted of a very relaxed ambience both indoors and outdoors - nothing pretentious or fanciful, just a comfortable, wholesome place for food and drinks.

We ordered my mandatory Red Wine to kickstart the chillout session.

Then decided to share a Caesar Salad with Grilled Chicken Slices - the ingredients were generous as was the dressing. The latter, we could have done with lesser as it made the salad a tad too soggy. Nonetheless, a hearty, healthy starter.

Next, the Cheval's Platter consisting of fried chicken wings, potato wedges, calamari and soft-shelled crab. I loved the platter though I seldom take a platter of entirely-fried stuff. The soft-shelled crab especially, was delightfully tasty and crispy. The calamari had thin crust, so one could taste the succulent squid flesh through the crispy crust.

Well, overall, this was a happy meal, and each of us spent SGD$30.00 for good views, quiet times and an enjoyable chillax session.

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