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Friday, 3 January 2014

Dinner at Caffe B at MBS

After going through a few shortlisted locations, the Beau and I decided to stick with Caffe B for a celebration dinner. Having read some reviews about this Japanese-Italian fusion restaurant located at 2 Bayfront Avenue, #B1-15 / #01- 83 The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands, Singapore 018972, we dialled 6887 3311 for reservations.

Yes, the nouveau Italian dining restaurant Caffe B is located at my favorite Marina Bay Sands once again, this elegant-looking, quietly-sophisticated restaurant uses the romantic effect of soft lights and lavishly-dated decor to create an almost quixotically-lovely ambience.

Strangely, how many people actually thought that "Caffe B" was a casual-dining concept serving bistro-style food. When I talked to a few people prior to the meal, they had either not heard of it, or formed the above misconception. Well, dearies, let me assure you that it is nothing like that at all.

While waiting for the entrees to be served, the warm fluffy foccacia bread with olive dip were being served. The sweet bread was light and the olive dip was delicious, so they complimented each other very well.

Then the Sardina Artichoke Salad with Caviar was served. Thin slices of cheese that melted in the mouth, along with the crisp touch of vegetables and the exotic metallic, btiter hint of caviar added a lovely twist to the salad.

Then my entree of Squid Ink Seafood Risotto was served - a tiny heap on a gigantic plate nicely dotted with colored spices. The seafood (prawns and scallops) was deliciously bouncy, as was the rice infused with the tasty iodine-saltish flavor of squid ink. The saffon sauce sweetened the dish. This Risotto dish was simply bursting with flavors all around, and every morsel, every grain was a dream.

The tiny portion was just right for a small eater like myself.

The Beau had the Grilled Kurobuta Black Pork Loin - perfectly crispy and tantalizing - we all know that black pork meat tastes sweeter, more tender than the usual pork. Flavored with aged authentic balsamic vinegar and poached green apples, this superb dish definitely satiated the tongues and satisfied the tummies.

We'd actually ordered a dessert be served after the meal. When the waiter with the impeccable service approached our table, we thought he was here to ask if they could bring on the dessert.

Instead, he informed us that as we were celebrating an event, they have actually prepared a dessert on the house for us. As such, would we still want to proceed with the original dessert (meaning, two desserts). As we were rather full, we took his advice and cancelled the original dessert. We were impressed, because we did not expect that. Well, this has certainly raised the level of Caffe B's service to another high - adding to it  the thoughtfulness factor.

So we ordered another round of drinks instead.

They served us their signature Tiramisu! It was a coffee-Amaretto bliss literally - moist, soft, bursting with fragrant coffee flavor with teaseful hints of alcohol and sweetness of mascarphone cream. We loved it from first bite to the last crumb.

We spent SGD$100.00 each, on this meal here. It was definitely money very well-spent, and I would definitely look forward to being back.

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