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Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Dinner at AppleBee's Restaurant

This entry is a reminiscent about AppleBee's that has since been closed. Whenever I was at TripleOne Somerset, I would pass by AppleBee's, and was always curious about the kind of food they serve. Besides Fukuichi Japanese Restaurant, I have never eaten at TripleOne Somerset before. One day, I finally succumbed and decided to give this American restaurant a try.

AppleBee's address was at 111 Somerset Road #01-11 / 12, TripleOne Somerset, Singapore 238164. It boosts of huge booth seats as well as the good old tables, a cosy ambience and exudes an all-American comfort, even cheery. It is almost a pity that business could not sustain.

Anyway, the appetiser to start off was huge, crispy Crunchy Onion Rings - humongous and thickly delicious. Eating these delicious sweetish rings resplendent of distinctive onion flavor would have been filling enough.

The Lime Chicken with Rice was specially created to cater to local flavor, I reckon. The chicken was rather tender,  and was flavored in tinges of spiciness of black pepper. Paired with chips and flavored rice, this was a lovely westernized "chicken rice dish".

The Rib-Eye Steak, generously-portioned, was marinated in a lovely peppery sauce and grilled to tender perfection. The slightly charred hints enhanced the dish. The smooth, buttery-soft mashed potatoes was delicious as well, but what a contrast to the very hard brocooli and carrots served on the side.

Lastly, the Cheese-Coated Chicken with Mushroom Pasta - the grilled chicken was a little dry, but I enjoyed the smokey smudges amongst the saltiness of the chicken. Coupled with creamy mushroom pasta that (the pasta was a little soft, in my opinion), the marriage was a lovely match. 

We spent SGD$42.00 each on our dinner, a rather fulfilling dinner. Our only complaint was that the portions were gigantic, we had difficulty fnishing everything on our plates.

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