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Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Chilling Out at Lime @ Parkroyal on Pickering

Ever since the lavish Parkroyal on Pickering Hotel opened up, I have been yearning to go there for a meal or drink. The gorgeous, magnificent glossy hotel stands against the commercial backdrop of Raffles Place and Outram area, no doubt providing a cushy meeting point for the business types and offering great views of the CBD area by nightfall.

Since then, though, I've been to their restaurant / lounge Lime to lounge around over catching up at least thrice, and am looking forward to trying their buffet some day. The address is 3 Upper Pickering Street, Level One, Parkroyal on Pickering, Singapore 058289 and the telephone number is 1800 2557 795.

Lime comes with a surprisingly easy elegance that makes its guests feel welcome and soothed instantly, setting a warm atmosphere within the cold decor of glass and chrome sophistication.

Guests may choose to sit at the dining area or comfortably couches, depending on whether they are taking meals or just drinks and desserts. 

The menus are interesting - pegged onto wooden boards, and each different selection comes on a different board, i.e. Drinks list, Ala Carte List etc. 

The service is always hospitable and impeccable. I recall my latest visit just one of the evenings last weekend. The temperature dipped and the restaurant got very cold - the service crew actually came over with shawls in hand to offer the female patrons. We thought it was a very thoughtful gesture, totally commendable.

They serve a wide array of drinks - be it wines, spirits, non-alcoholic beverages or hot teas / coffees. Besides the red wines and Mango Magarita, I also love their Camomile Iced Tea (adding a touch of refreshing factor to life on a hot day) and hot Japanese Lime tea (bitter with tiny hints of sweet fragrance, very smooth and tranquilizing).

The first time I visited was with good buddy Gareth* for drinks and desserts. His Banana Cheesecake was a wonder in itself - sweet whiffs of banana in gossamer, soft cheese chiffon cake on a chocolate base. It was a delicate but divine dessert.

I had the Key Lime Pie - a small tartlet with light, buttery pastry encrusting a piquant lime custard paste. The rich taste of the lime was a teaser for an otherwise merely-sweet dessert. The crust was done just nice - not too hard, not too frail or soft either, but just the right level of taut that was easy to bite or cut without flakes flying all over the plate. I loved the Key Lime Pie alot.

Ever since California Pizza Kitchen stopped serving its signature Key Lime Pies, I have been going around different restaurants and cafes to try their key lime pies, attempting to find something that tasted vaguely similar but efforts were futile. Till this - the taste of the lime custard was very close to the one at California Pizza Kitchen - the right amount of sourness with complements of sweetness. 

We spent SGD$25.00 each for drinks and desserts.

Another time, with Katherine* we shared Lime's Calamari rings as well - huge squid circles coated lightly with flour and deep-fried. It was crispy and absolutely delicious, a tad salty, but one could taste plenty of squid flesh instead of merely flour. Regrettably, there're no photos but I will add on during my next visit. They're at SGD$14.00 per serving, and we actually ordered a second helping.

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