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Sunday, 29 December 2013

Sky Dining - cable car dining by The Jewel Box

For lack of a better, unique way to celebrate Mon Beau's birthday, I decided to go for the Sky Dining by Jewel Box - a four-course dinner served up in the air, in the cable car between Mt. Faber and Sentosa - how cool is that?

So it works this way - head to the Cable Car Tower at Harbourfront Tower 2. There, a Jewel Box Cable Car fetched us to Mt. Faber, where we lounged over sparkling wine or mocktails before our car was ready for boarding and dining in. Each trip would take about 30 minutes, so try to get to your destination by 7.00pm if not they may change your itinerary to a three-course meal instead, time permiting.

Meaning, a downgrade from the Diamond Set to the Emerald Set.

 The cable cars for dining purposes were specially altered to include cushy seats and a table lined with thick white cloth, of course. It instantly gave the tiny cabin a romantic and private ambience. The staff would fuss about us a little, ensuring that we were comfortable and the safety procedures. 

Once seated comfortably, the appetizers were served. For salads- it could be scallops with spinach salads or duck salad with garden greens; the menu varies yearly, and are different on special festive occasions as well. For soups ("warm brews") - it could be essence of chicken with quail egg or cream of wild mushroom with ravioli. 

A service crew or camera crew snapped photographs of us before the cable car took off. The food was rather delicious, and the soup warm. The darkening views were becoming breathtaking, but the cable car was a little rocky up in the air. 

In 30 minutes, having gobbled up the soup and salad during the stipulated time frame, the cable car has reached Sentosa. The staff would clear the plates and bowls, and serve the main courses of the season - steaks, seafood or pasta. We were a little chagrined to find that the entrees were not piping hot, perhaps they were prepared way in advance?

Here, each diner would be served with a glass of house wine too. I opted for the red one, of course.

We plowed through the meal with little conversation, trying to enjoy the sweeping views of the luscious city beneath us, and tried to relax at the same time (given 30 minutes). Frankly, a fair portion of our time was spent holding onto the stems of our wineglasses to try to prevent the wine from spilling. Soon, we reached Mt. Faber again.

The doors opened and the service crew came to clear the plates and replace them with desserts of lovely cakes and a hot cup of tea or coffee. I opted for tea. 

Our cable car went off into the dark night again, and we dug into the delicious pastries while trying to hold onto the cups to prevent spills again. We had to take heed when sipping the hot drinks too, since the ride was not exactly smooth, and we feared scalding our lips or tongues.

It rained along the way, and the gale shook the cable car even harder. The night views were replaced by diamond drops studding the glass windows of our cable car, and the ride became every more unstable. I feared a little, truth be known.

Overall, it was a lovely, exclusive fine dining experience - different from the norm. It offered a unique experience that was romantic, secluded and fun - something to remember. The sights were breathtaking (before the rain shaded us from the views) and the food was rather tasty, really.

The downsides were the time - I found it a little rushed as I am someone who prefers to slowly savour my food over conversation and wine. Also, the fear of soup / drinks spillage was present, hence edging off some level of total enjoyment. This is also not recommended for people with fear of heights or motion sickness - Mon Beau was feeling a little ill at the end of the rides (it might also be due to lack of air-ventilation?)

The three-course set meal (Emerald) goes for SGD$176.55
The four-course set meal (Diamond) goes for SGD$256.59

For reservations, contact 6370 8855.

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