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Saturday, 14 December 2013

Painting and Dinner at Arteastiq Tea Lounge and Art Jam

The newly-renovated Mandarin Gallery became my favorite haunt for a period of time, because of the new restaurants and tea lounges that opened up in that elaborate place. 

I heard of Arteastiq Tea Lounge and Art Jam from a girlfriend, and decided to pop by one day to chill out and eat there. The exact venue is 333A Orchard Road #04-14 / 15 Mandarin Gallery, Singapore 238867 and the number to call is 6235 8705.

It is situated distinctly in front of the escalators leading up to the fourth level, so not easy for one to miss. This lovely tea lounge boosts of a painting gallery on the left side (I shall go further into the painting gallery later on), and a sophisticated tea lounge done in dreamy colors and comfortable velvet Queen Anne armchairs on the right side.  

The interior of this place is certainly pretty and comfortable - the only problem we had was that the chairs / couches were much higher than the elegantly-tiny tables so we had to stoop when eating, which was a minus point. Also, the serving trays are rather long but the tables are too small, so if one orders a lot of items, the table may not be able to accommodate well.

Other than that, the serene ambience and rather efficient services makes for a great chill-out hangout, initimate chit-chat and for the princess-wannabes to feel right at home.

Tea came first. They always serve their teas along with pretty golden utensils and delectable little accompaniments. 

I had a Cinnamon Ginger tea that came with tiny squares of cakes. *Charliez had the Hibuscus Rose tea that came with red bean mochi pancake. Both the teas were served in dainty tea-ware, and very aromatic. It seemed befitting, to be enjoying hot teas in this elegant little tea lounge in lieu of cold drinks.

Food came later, hence we had to rearrange our tea trays and other stuff around the table to fit everything in.

The Crab Rice Wrap came with a vegetable / pickles salad on the side. The Crab Rice Wrap was bursting with flavor and texture literally- lettuce, crab meat and condiments all rolled up in the rice wrap that was paper thin. The result was a combination of the crisp-sweetness of the vegetables coupled with the delicious flavor of rather fresh crab meat - if paired with the spicy-sourish salad it adds on to the flavors, even better.

The Cheese and Ham Tortillas had a character of its own - crispy on the outside, chewy on the inside. I love Tortillas, so this was a rather delightful selection for us. Like the dainty way the tea was being served, the Tortillas are cut into smaller triangles so it makes for easier consumption. 

We ended up sharing a Yuzu Chocolate Fudge Cake that came with a scoop of Lychee Gelato. The unique union of Yuzu (a Citrus fruit that tastes like a cross between a grapefruit, lemon and mandarin) and chocolate gave the dessert a very refreshing dose of citrusy taste amongst the rich chocolate taste of the light cake. Paired with the Lychee Gelato, another interesting Oriental-flavored delicacy, we found our mouths once again filled with a lovely blend of sweets.

Overall, the dining experience was very lovely - from the pretty ambience, lovely food setting and quality of food. Each of us spent around SGD $40.00.

On a sidenote, for those who would love to try out the painting experience, Arteastiq has its very own art gallery for the artistically-inclined to exhibit or hone their painting skills. 

For SGD$50.00, one gets an uninterrupted three-hour painting session at the gallery, complete supplies of paintbrushes, paint palettes, easels, canvass and a tea from Arteastiq Lounge.  If you have a painting in mind, bring it along; if not, they have many sample paintings for you to copy from. After your session, they will pack your painting into a nice box for you to bring home.

I gave it a shot, and managed to do a replica of one of my favorite paintings - mine did not resemble the original one of course, but I would say, not bad for a first try :)

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