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Sunday, 29 December 2013

Lunch at Hansang Korean Restaurant

I often passed by Hansang Korean Restaurant at Novena Square 2, and decided to give it a try. Truth be knownst, other than the Korean BBQ lunch I had at Awon Korean Restaurant (Excelsior Hotel) years ago - which was supposedly a very authentic Korean restaurant, I seldom take Korean food in Singapore. 

Hence, I decided it was time for another Korean meal in Singapore. The traditional looking Hansang Restaurant is resplendent in shades of white and beige, light wood furniture and a cosy setting, is found at 10 Sinaran Drive, #03-32 Novena Square 2, Singapore 307506, its contact number being 6397 6752.

This restaurant serves meals from its ala carte menu (they have more than 100 items, rather impressive) or if one prefers, may choose the Korean BBQ instead. We chose ala carte.

So they served the appetisers / side dishes first - beginning with the platter of Black Beans, Potato Salad and Anchovies (Ikan Bilis) -  other than the anchovies, the other two items were not exactly traditionally Korean fare, were they? Nonetheless, these tiny bites were tasty.

Then an assortment of tiny side dishes such as tiny fried tofu cubes, marinated lotus roots slices and Kimchi etc - I understand they could  be refilled but we did not ask for any.

Finally, the Korean Pancakes - frankly, I could not tell what was in there other than flour - was it scallion? Green chilli? A little bland in taste, but I liked it this way; also I liked the slightly-starchy flour texture of this pancake.

Chicken Bibimbap came - served with a fried egg - the ones I ate in Korea came with raw / semi-raw egg which I could mix easily into the bowl of rice and vegetables. I loved the spicy Kimchi taste and large beansprouts of Bibimbap (hot stone bowl with rice and assortment of vegetables) but for the one served here, I did not get much Kimchi overture, so I had to add them from the array of side dishes. The overall combination when mixed together, still tasted pretty good.

Then the Korean Ginseng Chicken - very tender chicken flesh that was mentingly soft, and tiny grains of glutinuous rice reckoned into a hot Ginseng brew. The taste was very bland - we did not know if it was because it was meant to be so, or if our tastebuds were conditioned to enjoy the bolder Ginseng flavor in Chinese Ginseng brew. 

We spent SGD$20.00 each on our lunch here. It was not bad, actually - cosy environment, undisturbed solace, average service and rather lovely food items - and we were very full at the end of the meal. This is an ideal Korean restaurant for family meals or friends to enjoy a simple, healthy meal together.

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