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Friday, 20 December 2013

Dinner at Fukuichi Japanese Dining

Have you ever discovered a simple-looking restaurant by chance, tried the food, and gotten addicted to one or more of the dishes? Well, it happened to me, when I chanced upon Fukuchi Japanese Dining with my buddy Cain*.

Located at 111 Somerset Road #02-11 / 12 TripleOne at Somerset, Singapore 238164, Fukuchi Japanese Dining looks like a very nondescript, ordinary Japanese restaurant, complete with the usual wooden-and-paper walls and paintings. We popped in because it was not crowded during lunch time on that particular day. 

Oh, by the way, here's the number 6271 5586, if you intend to call for queries or reservations.

This restaurant boosts of a traditional Japanese interior; quiet and serene ambience, ideal for business lunches or friends' gathering. The simple decorations are easy on the eyes, and comforting to the soul. Yes, they have VIP / private rooms and alfresco dining too, if one pleases.

After looking through the menu, and heeding recommendations from the friendly waitresses, decided to order a number of items to share. 

First we had the Crab Roe Tofu - which was a cold dish. The crab roe was superb - delicious and melts-in-your-mouth. Set against the very lightly-flavored tofu (beancurd), they complement each other greatly; both smooth, both mouthwatering on its own.

Then we shared a Sashimi Platter , which boosted of very fresh Salmon, Tuna, Swordfish, and Prawn prepared and served raw. Needless to say, a good Sashimi is especially springy (bouncy, even) in texture and gentle on taste. The raw sweetness of the fish should be brought out with each chew, and this was the effect their Sashimi had on us.

The next item was a Cold Fish Noodle - what is so unique about this dish is that the noodles themselves are made of fish meat! Yes, not flour, wheat or starch - but fish flesh! It was ultra springy in texture, and the taste was just heavenly. It was literally love at first bite for Cain* and I. Since then, I have been having craving for this, and actually came back one more time to satiate my craving. This was truly one of the tastiest noodle dishes I had ever eaten, and the soup was nicely flavored with seaweed and hints of ....fish essence?

Cod Fish Grilled with Garlic Cheese was served next. As cod goes, this dish was no exception - the cod fish was smooth and had a sweet hint to its flesh (well complemented by the garlic cheese spread). I love Cod, and this was definitely a dish worthy of accolade. 

We ordered the Hotate (scallops) in Garlic Butter, and it was another delicious dish, fueled by the rich flavors and freshness of the scallops. 

It was certainly a very fishy meal for us. Our last dish was the Grilled Puffer Fish. I have tried puffer fish (raw) on sushi before, but found it to be relatively tasteless. The Grilled Puffer Fish in question here was cut into thin strips and excellently-flavored. Eaten on its own, the light fishy taste was lovely; coupled with texture of good dried roast pork ("rou gan" in Mandarin) with hints of crispiness... You may also dip it into the mayonnaise sauce topped with fish roe, for a different tease on the tastebuds.

Every item was good, this place certainly deserves a third, fourth, even fifth return.

We spent around SGD$55.00 per person that day. Do drop by to give it a try!

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