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Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Dinner at Antoinette's

Here comes another favorite haunt along Mandarin Gallery - the lovely Antoinette's Tea Lounge / Restaurant. Believe it or not, I have been to all three outlets - Mandarin Gallery, Palais Renaissance, and Lavendar. I have eaten there five times, and will definitely go back again, for more, perhaps try their outlet at Scarlet Hotel this time.

Addresses as follows:-

Mandarin Gallery - 333A Orchard Road #02-33 / 34 Mandarin Gallery Singapore 238897
Tel: 6836 9527 (this flahship outlet does not take reservations though)
Palais Renaissance - 390 Orchard Road #B1-08/09/10C Palais Renaissance Singapore 238871
Tel: 6735 6392
Lavendar - 30 Penhas Road Singapore 208188
Tel: 6293 3121

Marine Antoinette is the name of one of favorite queens in history by the way, a very beautiful, elegant Queen with lots of character. She wears the loveliest gowns imaginable, and one of her favorite quotes is "Let them eat cake".

Antoinette's Tea Lounge is probably named after her, in fact, themed after her - the grandness and beauty of its interior decoration complete with chandeliers and Queen Anne armchairs, done in hues of white and Tiffany blue. This provides a very comfortable and almost-classy ambience ideal for enjoyment of lovely meals, delightful chatter and relaxation.

And yes, cakes. Selection of awesome cakes and macarons, all delectable and fulfilling. My personal favorites are the Chocolate Earl Gray Cake (a deeply-chocolately haven mightily-infused with the richness of earl gray flavor, topped with a cherry that looks and tastes good) and Saint Honore L'amour (crusty pastry filled with the sweet goodness of rose petal cream, rose petal adornment, fresh raspberries and strawberry compote). Sadly, the latter, which is a real beauty - has been taken off the shelves.

I love their Hot Chocolate usually- literally a thick cup of liquid chocolate as rich and velvety as a dream. But give their teas a try too - their French Apple Tart tea is lovely in flavor, served in tea-ware fit for the royalty indeed.

Their French Thick Pancakes, done in a savoury style complete with smoked salmon, sour cream, French butter, tomato and lettuce by the side - another flavorful play on the tongues, evoking the essence of savoury and sweetness gently. I loved the thick but fluffy pancakes; and it was my first time having it as a savoury dish.

A Pan-Fried Foie Gras appetiser is not bad too - tender, buttery-soft delicacy spread chewed along with crispy levain toast and a teeny weeny bit of apple compote - indeed a delectable treat. The portions of the Foie Gras were rather generous too, which piqued our appeite further.

Look at the multi-layered Club Antoinette sandwich bursting with goodies - yuzu crab mimosa, fried egg, ham, tomato, lettuce and potato chips. Trust that a bite of this is sensational, truly - fills up the mouth well, fills up the tummy well.

Then came the Scrambled Egg Gratin with Tomato Fondue, Paris Ham, Sauteed Mushroom and Parmasan Cheese on toast. Being a breakfast lover, I absolutely adored this dish, even though I had it for dinner. Generous with ingredients, tantalizing taste and a portion that is just nice - this dish was very much welcomed.

Finally, the Wild Mushroom Risotto - exotic field mushrooms cooked with arborio rice in White Wine cream sauce, served with crispy Serrano ham. The arborio rice has always been one of my favorites as well - chewy in itself, infused with the tasty wine-creamery, made more delicious with mushrooms - heavenly!

I could detect no flaws with Antoinette's so far, and love its quiet, royale settings anytime - brunch, lunch, tea or dinner. 

Each visit, I would spend between SGD22.00 to SGD$60.00, depending on what I am having. 

Do drop by for a visit to try this out for yourselves.

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