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Sunday, 22 December 2013

Chilling Out at Halo Rooftop Lounge @ Wangz Hotel

Located at the cross between Outram and Tiong Bahru, this meek, nondescript would not have caught our eyes if not because of the "forest" concept - which was a little disappointing. Granted, there are many good cafes and bars around the vicinity to chill, but it was because of the views overlooking Duxton / Tanjong Pagar areas that made us decide to give Halo Rooftop Lounge @ Wangz Hotel a try.

The exact location is at 231 Outram Road, Wangz Hotel, Singapore 169040, and the number to dial is 6595 1388. Head to rooftop level, where the lounge is perched on, exposing its loungers to breathtaking night views, soothing breezes and a laid back atmosphere all offered by this adorable circular layout.


Yes, good views of the CBD area slowly danced toward us with each thrust of the passing hour; the dimmer, the more enchanting Duxton area appears. This is a sight I never knew existed, fronted by the magnificent Pinnacle @ Duxton and other office buildings in the distance nearby, all glamoured up by the colorful night lights.

Music and good drinks are a must for any good chillout spot. In lieu of their popular cocktails, I had a Gin & Tonic, and later a round of Vodka-Craberries, as I did not know about the special cocktails. Ahhh, pity, yes, but there're always the opportunities to return.

Service was a little slow as business was slow too, so the servers were constantly engaged otherwise, or
"somewhere in there".

As far as tapas goes, Halo Lounge does have a rather diversified selection. We selected three since the hunger pangs were kept at bay.

First, the Grilled Tiger Prawns. I would think they're pretty well marinated because they tasted good - sweetly savoury; the prawns were soft though, not springy like how Tiger Prawns were supposed to be? In fact, the size looked a little suspicious, but we decided to give them the benefit of the doubt. After all, the price matched the portion rather adequately.

Next came the Fried Lollipop Chicken - fried chicken wings on their boney sticks. Rather creative,and cute. Crispy and lightly-flavored, this made for a rather delightful snack.

Finally, the Baby Octopus Yakitori - very chewy and gently-flavored with the smokey saltiness of grilled meat on sticks. 

We spent around SGD$40.00 each here, as the drinks went for One-for-One promotion during their Happy Hour.

Come by here for a good chillout place away from the crowded pubs and bars at Ann Siang  and Duxton areas!

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