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Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Chillax at Society Bar

Whenever I pass by this alfresco-concept bar / lounge (Society Bar) at OCBC Centre, I am tempted to check it out. Simply because I like the Balinese  style furniture and music and outdoorish design. So, this little chillout haven is located at 67 Chulia Street, OCBC Centre, Singapore 049515 and the contact number is 6536 2778.

Heading in, there were only two other tables occupied - some nights, I see this place totally deserted; other nights, I see it filled up with business types and expatriates all happily chilling out, filling up the area. 

I ordered a drink and a light snack from the menu and took out my Ipad - it was too early to meet my dinner companions anyway, so I was entitled to some "me" time.

I seldom take beer, but heatiness made me decide to go for something cooling so I ordered a Hoegaarden pint in lieu of my usual red wine or cocktails. Beer being beer, or rather Hoegaarden being Hoegaarden - most of you would know the gassy, bittersweet-ish taste that bubbles up within your throat, hence no need for me to go into details on the taste of this beer.

I also ordered a Grilled Pork Belly with Lime Chilli to munch on, since I was a little hungry, and wanted to check out the snacks here (who knows when would be the next time I return here, right?)

The grilled pork belly was tasty - a little "bouncy" in its succulence, very chewy, and nice saltish hints. Dipped into the lime chilli, it was really delicious - savoury jostled by spiciness boosted with hints of sour... I love mixture of flavors, really - they dance on the tip of the tongue and ignite one's appetite and mood. A little too greasy though, in retrospect - I barely finished half (would've been nice if shared with friends).

I spent SGD$22.00 on this little drinks session; would like to come back because of the totally relaxing respite this place provides- breezy, soothing amongst trees and leaves, and nice music to reach the soul. 

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