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Friday, 9 November 2018

Lunch at Enchanted Cafe @ Rangoon Road

88 Rangoon Road #01-04 Singapore 018374
Tel: 8813 1086
Opening Hours: 8.00am - 6.00pm (closed on Mondays)

Enchanted Cafe sports a magical, fantasy theme that easily makes one think of wizards and fairies. I was too late for their signature Enchanted Elixir drink - the one that emits a trail of "smoke". They revamped the menu recently, and most of the items are healthy toasts, acai bowls, pastries and drinks. Their drinks all come with fantastical, lovely names.

We started with Bonito Flakes and Salmon Toast (SGD$12.00) - crispy sourdough toast topped with Norwegian smoked salmon, dried tuna flakes, homemade garlic spread and Japanese mayonnaise, with spinach leaves salad by the side. This seemingly simple combination made for a very tasty, umami meal.

The Creamy Carbonara (SGD$15.00) was served in a large, deep plate, drenched in broth. This pasta dish comprised linguine, thyme herb, premium pork sausage slices, and Swiss brown mushrooms, grounding the creaminess with earthly notes.

We also tried The Enchanted Breakfast (SGD$24.00), huge serving suitable for 2 to share - premium pork sausages, baked corn, fresh cherry tomatoes, baby spinach, baked pumpkin, scrambled eggs, Swiss brown mushrooms and sourdough toasts. This healthy and generous load of ingredients made for a fulfilling brunch or lunch, giving us a good variety.

For dessert, we shared an Acai Bowl (SGD$12.00) under the "Build Your Own" section. It was gorgeous and colourful, served in coconut husk bowl atop a log board. For the fillings and fruits, we chose chopped hazelnuts, muesli with dried fruits and seeds, as well as goji berries and blueberries.

Moving on to drinks, the Iced Latte (SGD5.90) was aromatic and my friend enjoyed it.

I opted for the pot of tea named The Enchantress Potion (SGD$7.90) - rosebuds tea with lingering fragrance of sweet melon.

Overall dining experience at Enchanted Cafe was very pleasant, basking in the beautiful settings and indulging sinlessly in their healthy yet tasty food items. I only wish they were still open for dinner like in the past, and also that they would still do the Enchanted Elixir.

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