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Wednesday, 8 August 2018

Setting Sail with Bob Marine Yacht Charter [Sponsored]

11 Cove Drive, #01-15 One Degree 15 Marina, Singapore 098491
Tel: 9104 2626 / 9712 7218

Yachting is one of the activities I love, being out on the seas, kissed by the winds and listening to the waves sing it's lullabies; the whole experience is just so seductive. Yachting used to be an expensive activity, and may still be thought so these days.

With Bob Marine Yacht Charter however, one can look forward to an unforgettable yachting experience from $800 onwards. Be it for friends, celebrations or corporate team bonding, yachting can now be made affordable and a favourite pastime for the lovers of the seas.

The "Bob" in Bob Marine stands for "band of  brothers",  because the co-founder Kah Meng believes that in order to succeed, it takes teamwork and people striving together, like a band of brothers in arms. Recently, I was honoured to be introduced to him, and an experience on board The Sardinia. This ship can hold up to 38 pax comfortably, on upper and lower decks.

The exterior is pristine white and very neat, allowing  guests to sit and enjoy the breezes in total comfort. The interior is tastefully furnished in varnished wood and black cushions.

What to do on board a yacht?

  • Take great photos
  • Relax and watch the sunset
  • Eat, drink and party
  • Hold celebrations for birthdays or weddings
  • Island hopping
  • Corporate team bonding
  • Hold talks for clients
  • Sail somewhere to kayak and play in the waters
Besides The Sardinia, other yachts under Bob Marine Yacht Charter currently are Golden Ocean and Sea Wind One. Do check them out for your out-at-seas getaways. Thank you Bob Marine Yacht Charter and Kah Meng for the enjoyable experience!

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