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Saturday, 4 August 2018

Review on Hydra-Bright Skin Booster Facial @ ClearSK Aesthetics [Sponsored]

238 Thomson Road #02-46B Velocity @ Novena, Singapore 307683
Tel: 6100 6868

Love, love ClearSK Aesthetics and was thrilled to be back for their Hydra-Bright Skin Booster Facial (worth SGD$130.00). Previous I'd done E-Matrix Laser (review here) and Accent V Facial Treatment (review here) with them before, so I know their high standard of cleanliness, service and quality treatment devices / products.

This time round, I was to enjoy a very delicious and beneficial skin booster facial that last for around 45 minutes in all, administered by a therapist.

My therapist started with a round of cleansing for my skin before proceeding. You would notice that my eye liner and lipstick were still intact- that was only because I'd asked her not to remove them as I didn't bring any makeup out to retouch.

Then it was a treatment using a device that would remove dead skin cells from my face. A fine layer of cold gel was applied to my face prior, and the metal blade of this device brought about cooling touches to my skin; the most comfortable form of dead skin cells removal I'd experienced so far.

Next, Vitamin C gel was spread over my face. My therapist passed me a device to hold, asking me to relax. She said that the next step was done using currents; the end I was holding was positive and the end she was using was negative. They were supposed to work with each other infusing the Vitamin C deeply into my skin. Very minimal vibrating sensations might be detected, but so subtle, they might've even been imagined.

Following that, another device was used to boost Aloe Vera gel into my skin. This was such a soothing and pleasant feeling; I could feel my skin soaking in the goodness eagerly.

Finally, a Tea Tree Mask was applied to fortify and prevent breakouts on my skin. The latter also had a tranquilizing scent; I think I drifted off to a light sleep during the 15-minute mask-on session.

After applying some toner on my face, I was informed that I could go out already. I checked my reflection in the mirror and noted with glee the glow, clarity and boink-boink bounciness of my skin. Yes, I could indeed go out now with bare skin- no foundation, powder nor blusher, yet I'd never felt more confident.

Thank you ClearSK Aesthetics for the fabulous facial treatment!

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