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Sunday, 20 May 2018

Review on REBIRTH Placenta Cream

I have long heard about the benefits of placenta creams, but had never thought of trying because of several factors, such as possible allergic reactions, oddity of placenta for skincare, etc. That was until my sisters-in-law passed me 2 tubs of Rebirth Placenta Cream for my Europe trip, recommending that I  use them for extreme (dry) weather in winter.

Just a quick introduction, Rebirth is proclaimed to be Australia's No. 1 placenta cream using pure sheep placenta and a combination of oil base with water to create a smooth, rich yet non-greasy cream with many, many benefits to it. Some of the benefits include minimizing early signs of age spots as well as scars and discoloration, stimulation of new cell production, anti-wrinkle and moisturising properties.

I opened up the tub of Rebirth placenta cream expecting some strong gamey odor - but there was none. There was a very soft milky scent that was nearly undetectable. The cream looked very rich and greasy, but it was surprisingly light to the touch - velvety and easily absorbed into the skin.

That's me in Switzerland up on mountains, -8 degree celsius, and
 my skin was moisturised thanks to ReBirth 

My face felt hydrated but not oily nor sticky; it was a very comfortable feeling.  I used it more for nighttime though, but my sisters-in-law used it throughout the day to keep their skin from peeling due to dryness. As for me, I used to have very sensitive skin that would turn itchy and red in cold areas, but this cream (and lots of hydrating masks and serum) have prevented that - keeping my skin lovely in wintry Europe, even up on the snowy mountains in Switzerland.

I am definitely loving this cream, oh and guess what? The price is amazing - it retails for less than AUD$10.00 in Australia, and can be ordered online (for us not staying in Australia) via certain trustworthy portals for less than SGD$20.00 per tub of 100ml placenta cream.

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