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Sunday, 25 March 2018

Review on Kose Infinity Pure Advance Serum III

Kose Infinity Pure Advance Serum III is not your typical serum - it is a hydrating cream type emulsion that is to be applied gently onto the face, giving you all the benefits you need to counter skin-ageing.  Let's take a look at what lies behind the beautiful, feminine pink facade.

This product helps to adjust sebum and clears dirt in pores, tightening up the pore and gives skin resilience, translucence as well as firmness, leading to an elastic, ageless appearance. Some active ingredients include Botanical Essence G, Rose extract, Alpinia species left extract, Glycerin and Rosemary Leaf Water.

Priced at SGD$69.00 for 50g a tub, the Kose Infinity Pure Advance Serum III feels rich but cooling on the skin, and is to be used before application of moisturiser, twice a day.

I like how it makes my skin feel moisturised throughout the day without being oily, and yes,  my pores appear less visible as well. My moisturiser and makeup go on better after the application of this miracle serum cream as well.

This, and the Herbal Gel, have definitely converted me to a Kose fan now.

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