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Saturday, 3 February 2018

Review on Acupuncture Slimming by Aimin @ Somerset [Sponsored]

51 Cuppage #01-05 / 06 Singapore 229469
Tel: 6225 2321

Aimin Acupuncture and Weight Loss Centre is a dedicated traditional Chinese Medicine wellness centre with over 20 years history, providing healthy solutions to help clients maintain / regain their health.

I was honoured to be invited for a session of their signature Acupuncture Slimming Treatment (worth SGD$209.80). They also have another outlet in Joo Chiat area, but the Somerset outlet was more convenient for me.

When I first arrived, a couple of consultants attended to me with hot tea and forms to fill. After that, a lady in white coat took my measurements on a machine and generated a report with details on my weight, muscle mass, BMI, visceral fats etc. She also went through a short interview on my lifestyle and ideal weight.

I was then led to the treatment room for the first part of this session- a 20 minute Aroma Oil Slimming Massage on my abdomen area (having established that this was my most concerned area). The stomach rubs and kneads were intense, and sone aromatic oil was used in the process. Pain was slight, and strangely satisfying.

Next, therapist Ms Luo Hong came to administer the next part of the treatment - 30 minutes Acupuncture Slimming Session. Everyone assured me that this part of the treatment was absolutely painless, numbing and all, which was why I was not prepared for the initial sharp pain the moment the needles pierced into my skin (abdonen and thigh areas).

Rest assured however that the pain was mininal and rapid, like an ant's bite; and over before I could even react. True enough I felt nothing thereafter. A machine was set up over the needled areas and provided heat to stimulate the process I reckon.

The session ended around 30 minutes; all these while I was also given a handheld bell to press in the event I felt uncomfortable and needed help. The odd thing was after Physician Luo removed the needles from my body, she just smiled and exited the room, without informing me that I should get dressed or wait for someone to come in to attend to me. So I sat and waited for a while before deciding that I should get dressed and head out back to the consultation area.

All in all it was a pleasant session, my very firsy experience with TCM slimming and acupuncture. Ms Luo Hong herself has been in practice for more than a decade so I knew I was in good hands. Better yet, my abdomen area felt firmer already.

Thank you Aimin Acupuncture and Weight Loss Centre for the invite and for this interesting TCM slimming session!

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