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Friday, 29 December 2017

[Poem] Remember Us

Can I purport to understand you, to understand the core beyond the fanciful coat you don? Beyond the dark eyes calm as seas, digging right into where your heart pulsates.

A piece of my own heart must have been left with you, as I become more and more heartless.

Each page I turn, to move on from you and your memories, I am reminded of you once again. Like the silhouette I can never hide from. But do you realize that shadows only appear where there is light?

Maybe I should stay in the darkness then. Because each time I see you, it aches. I just want to reach out and touch you, to comfort you, to care for you and tuck you in my love.

Love warm as the tears falling now, rolling into the warm waves of seas. Yes, I desire to shower upon you my tender loving care.

But you are probably whispering into another's ears now, without a single sliver of thought about me. Do you still remember us?

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