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Monday, 9 October 2017

Lunch at Misato Japanese Restaurant @ Centrepoint

176 Orchard Road #01-33E, The Centrepoint, Singapore 238843
Tel: 6235 2822

Hidden in Centrepoint's new Gastro+ section is Misato Japanese Restaurant. The exterior is rather simple-looking, pale wood and curved in structure.

The interior is a different matter, with most decor items and tableware imported from Japan itself; rumor has it that the tableware alone cost a whopping SGD$400,000. It is definitely worth it as the dishes are all presented beautifully; even plain dishes are transformed magically into food fit for royalty.

Menu comprises traditional Japanese dishes and pricing is very reasonable. Ingredients are mainly imported from Japan. Service was excellent with polite, soft-spoken crew ready to serve.

We started with Miso Soup (SGD$3.50) using primary dashi stock was tasty and warms the soul.

Next up, Chawanmushi (SGD$4.90) - smooth and quality steamed egg custard using primary dashi stock; containing shiitake mushroom slices.

Handmade Gyoza (SGD$6.90) - a vertical stack of 6 chicken-and-vegetables dumplings, grilled so the edges were nearly crispy; served with dippping sauce to enhance  flavour.

Tamagoyaki (SGD$5.50) which picture has been selected as the first picture of this blogpost - Japanese pan fried rolled omelette, served on an elegant violet crescent moon plate.

Cheese Korokke (SGD$7.90) looks almost too decorative to be eaten - 2 crispy golden breaded potato with mozzarella cheese nestled on a bed of shredded lettuce upon a gorgeous plate.

Following that, we had the Okonomiyaki (SGD$14.90) - savoury Japanese pancake with eggs, cabbage and pork belly.

Moving on to the mains, Misato Oyakudon (SGD$13.90) is to kill for. Succulent chicken and egg in seasoned broth over Japanese rice tossed with salmon roe, was very flavourful.

Then it was Misato Ebi Donburi (SGD$15.90), made up of breaded deep fried live tiger prawns over seasoned broth and Japanese rice.

The life of the party was the Hoba Miso Beef (SGD$38.00), melty cubes of superior grade wagyu beef simmering its way to the table, cooked together with Japanese green gingko nuts, yam and pumpkin. Seconds were ordered, evidenced by photos.

Desserts are mandatory and we started with the Matcha Bavarois (SGD$7.80) - premium green tea French pudding that wobbled vibrantly when shaken, and was very aromatic with green tea taste. The pudding was cool and very smooth in texture as well.

Matcha Zenzai Mochi (SGD$7.80) , made up of premium green tea, Hokkaido red bean soup and grilled mochi - a dish made up of all my favorite things in one.

Next dessert we ordered was the Sanshoku Warabi Mochi (SGD$8.80) - Japanese mochi comprising 3 flavours, namely goma, kinako and matcha, served in a beautiful dish.

Final dessert for us was the Kuzukiri (SGD$8.80) - Japanese arrowroot slippery noodles served cold with sweet kuromitsu dipping sauce, and eaten with a pair of chopsticks. The clear chewy noodles are tasteless but the sauce complemented it beautifully.

What beverages did we enjoy along with the meal?  Premium Japanese Green Tea (SGD$3.90) with roasted rice served in elegant tea pot.

Hot Matcha (SGD$6.50) which is essentially premium green tea powder drink served hot and thick with a velvety texture and deep, vibrant flavour.

Finally, my Lychee Earl Grey Iced Tea (SGD$5.50) which is self-explanatory and refreshing for a hot weekend afternoon.

Did we enjoy dining at Misato Japanese Restaurant? Yes, very much so, especially when the presentation is so classy and artistic; and the quality of food is notably good. Best of all, this meal cost us each less than $40.00.  Come on down to try the food here!


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