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Monday, 18 September 2017

Detox Slimming Session at BottomSlim @ Novena Square [Sponsored]

10 Sinaran Drive #03-11 / 19 Novena Square 2, Singapore 307506
Tel: 6363 2525

I was invited for a Detox Slimming session with BottomSlim. They specialize in body slimming solutions for lower body namely tummy, hips and thighs - by using a combination of non-invasive and organic treatments to break stubborn fats down. They also focus on inches loss rather than weight loss alone.

The brand and signboard are done in gold and bronze tones (meant to look classy I suppose?) But it also made the store very hard to find. The interior has just been renovated as well to sport vintage yellow and brown tones; somewhat vintage looking.

The usual protocol of tea serving and form filling ensued, while consultant and therapist sat with me in the room to discuss my issues, took my measurements and proposed solutions. My issue was mainly tummy fats.

Then I was led to the treatment room to get changed into their black robe. Another round of measurements was done by my therapist before she took the tube of Nano Firming Gel from my goodie bag to use on me.

She preempt me beforehand that this first step (BottomTrim Therapy) would be a little painful, and boy it was painful as she rubbed the gel firmly onto my tummy and began the massage. She kneaded from outer area towards the center of the tummy with intensive force, explaining that this was to break stubborn fats down.

After one round, she took a second set of photos of my tummy to show the noticeable curve. This was followed by another round of massage with the Nano Firming Gel and photos to exhibit more prominent outline now.

Afterward, a machine was pushed in for step 2 - the Lipo Lazer Fat Loss therapy. Pads were connected to the machine and strapped to my tummy and thigh areas. This revolutionary therapy makes use of infrared light to help the body detox, thus achieving healthier body and skin. This machine was painless and I got to rest for 20 minutes. The machine analysed and showed clearly where the stubborn fats lie.

Final round of measurements and photos were taken; and I was impressed at the 5cm loss in onr session alone.

I also received a Goodie Bag comprising Nano Firming Gel (whats left of it after the treatment) and cash vouchers for future treatments.

Thank you BottomSlim for the wonderful inches loss treatment and boosting my confidence once again.


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