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Monday, 10 July 2017

Shop online with ASOS discount codes and cashback with ShopBack

Payday has just arrived and I browse online stores excitedly, wondering what to shop for, more clothes probably. Online shopping is not only flexible, but also more affordable and convenient (plus I can buy anything 24/7 without having to wait for the stores' opening hours) - and my items are delivered to my doorsteps.

Recently, I heard of  ShopBack, which is a fabulous site offering cashback rewards on my online purchases. Yes, you heard it right - cash back on my shopping - meaning, savings on top of savings!! Curious to know how it works, I did a little research, and was glad to discover that Asos is under their merchants too. So now I could buy lots of dresses and still receive cash back for them!

So, recently, I was invited to try ShopBack out for myself, and I logged onto their website to register for an account.  It was a fuss-free process where I could sign up with my email or Facebook account. Within minutes, I was in.

Once I signed up, I clicked on Asos'  box to be directed to their website. Remember that you must be re-directed to the merchant's website from ShopBack, in order to enjoy the cash back benefits. See, before I shopped, I was already informed that I would be enjoying 3.5% cashback from Asos - how exciting is that!

I landed at Asos' original website, and selected the products I was interested to buy, and keyed in the discount code. Upon successful payment of my purchases, my cashback earnings would be reflected on the panel, redeemable anytime to be credited back to my bank account. Imagine that, earning cash returns for shopping - every girl's dream come true. Head over to Shopback now and buy clothes with Asos discount codes.

Besides Asos, I also took the liberty of checking out Zalora's stuff from Shopback website. I have reason to buy more clothes now that there's also Zalora promo codes together with cashback, relentlessly tempting me to make full use of these attractive savings for my shopping pleasure.

There's something for my hubby on the site as well - as I search for hotel deals on Booking.com for our upcoming Bangkok and Vancouver trips together. Imagine earning up to 6% cashback for travelling - now we could afford to spend more on flights and good food.

Wait, did I say food? My rumbling stomach reminds me that I need to eat in between shopping online for clothes and hotels, and that I need to shop for food now. Let's see... there's even savings on food deals on ShopBack's site, wow. All right, I am going to pen off now to hunt for good food deals for dinner tonight, so that we could recharge before another online shopping bout afterwards!

Thank you ShopBack for the total savings earned today for my shopping, travelling and dining needs; I will definitely be using you more often, and sharing you with my friends and family!


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