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Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Review on VEET Hair Removal (Depilatory) Cream

Not easy being a female sometimes - besides the monthly physical pains we undergo, and sometimes being weighed lightly in a society of males, we also have to ensure that we do not walk around with bare limbs full of hair. The crowning glory is very fine - but other than that, we try not to sport hairy arms and hairy legs, so we succumb to various means of getting rid of unwanted hair on a monthly / weekly / daily basis (depending on how fast your hair grows back).

IPL Hair Removal is a good method - pain levels vary from person to person (and the therapists administering it), and it is said to slow down hair growth in the long term - if you don't mind the exorbitant price. Waxing is effective as well, and one could choose from hot wax or cold wax, but the compulsive pulling out of hairs' roots could hurt very badly, and leave pores sore or bleeding in extreme cases. This may not be suitable for persons with sensitive skin, like myself, who sometimes opt for Tweezing with a pair of tweezers literally - the latter could be rather therapeutic, strangely. That leaves the last alternative in lieu of covering up - Shaving. This method is very cost-effective as well, but new hair grows back thicker; one may also cut themselves accidentally if not careful with the blades.

That is why I choose VEET's Hair Removal Cream, also known as depilatory cream.  It is inexpensive, around SGD$15.00 for a 100ml tube, and readily available in Watsons, Guardians and some supermarkets. Besides this, VEET's hair removal cream is also scent-free, and has a few types to suit different individuals (i.e. I use the Sensitive Skin type, formulated with Vitamin E and Aloe Vera).

Besides that, it is effective and pain-free, literally. The entire process takes only around 10 to 15 minutes for each limb, so it can be done anytime, anywhere, even when you are travelling.  It removes hair by breaking down protein structure (keratin) of hair, dissolving the hair at the skin's surface.

Squeeze out a substantial layer over the area to be creamed, like your arms or legs. Use the included spatula to spread the cream evenly across your skin surface. Ensure that this cream is NOT used over open wounds or sensitive areas - also note that this is not ideal for bikini line and Brazilian areas.

If you are unsure whether your skin will react adversely to this product, test a small portion out first. Wipe the spatula clean after you have finished applying the cream over your body.

Leave the cream on for 10 minutes to dry. Use the spatula to remove the hair by pushing it in the reverse direction of hair growth. Start with a small area to test - if hair is still intact, leave it on for another 10 minutes before cleaning the cream off. Do not leave on for longer than 15 minutes.

The discarded cream should now be darkened and filled with tiny hairs that you have successfully removed from your limbs. Your skin, in turn, should be satin smooth and bare right now, with no visible bodily hair in sight. This would last a week to a month, depending on the growth rate of your body hairs.

Skin may be a little sensitive over the next 1 or 2 days, especially if you use harsh soaps or hit the beaches. Be sure to use a good moisturizer or aloe vera gel to soothe it, or avoid swimming in the next couple of days.

Also remember to wash and clean your spatula well, because you will be using it for the next few times as well. A tube of VEET's hair removal cream can last for 4 to 8 uses, depending on  how much cream you require each session and the frequency of your hair growth.

Curious? Go out and get your own tube of VEET's depilatory cream right now.

Disclaimer: results may vary from individual to individual, and a little practice may be required before you find it 100% effective. While every care is being taken to inform of the risks of using this product here (i.e. skin sensitivity, testing a little before slathering everything onto your skin etc), please also read instructions on box before use.

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