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Saturday, 25 March 2017

Review of MTS (Subsicion) Facial Session at Kosme Aesthetics @ Boat Quay

41A Boat Quay, Singapore 049830
Tel: 6536 6954 / 9639 1745

Kosme Aesthetics is an aesthetics centre using the latest Korean Beauty technology to treat and target their clients' needs. Their range of services is wide and varied, consisting not merely facials and facial beauty treatments, but also LED teeth whitening, eyebrow embroidery, slimming services, etc.

Located on level 2 at Boat Quay shophouse, above an Indian restaurant, the venue is convenient and decor is simple, professional, with some floral touches of beauty here and there.

I had initially wanted to try their latest Cryolase Laser, which is claimed to be used many Korean stars for better skin. After consultation and understanding my concerns, *J. suggested that I should try Subsicion, and showed me many photos of their customers' results after the procedure.

As such, I was convinced to go for a customised MTS (micro-needle therapy system) Facial (SGD$388.00), also known as subcutaneous incisional surgery. It is a minor surgical technique that uses hypothermic needles to puncture through skin surface.

Hot floral tea was served before and after the session, including a lot of prep talk (they are really very detailed and willing to share skincare tips).

I was brought to the Treatment Room and changed into their pink robe. Therapist *A wrapped my hair up and did a round of cleansing and makeup removal. She took photos of my bare face but the odd thing was she asked me to keep my eyes open despite the overhead light being very glaring.

Then we proceeded with Extraction. I was surprised by the extraction because it wasn't done using the usual methods of squeezing with fingers or metal stick. Rather, there was a device used for extraction, a device that vibrates consistently and aids to loosen the impurities from our pores and spritzes small jets of water. As such, pain was reduced significantly; she also showed me the extracted substance as proof of this device's effectiveness.

A round of cleanser was used before a thick coat of Numbing Cream was applied to my face. *A then used clear plastic sheets to seal the cream in for 20 minutes. The residue was scraped off.

2 small vials of EGF Serum, said to soothe and aids in healing, were being shown to me. They were just mixed and poured into a small container and brushed over my face.

The Subsicion procedure began. *A showed me the cluster of 12 micro-needles, brand new and would be discarded after use. They were fitted to the device, which was rolled over my face to prick and stimulate skin renewal as well as collagen production.

Pain level was tolerable, there was no sharp piercing sensation as I had anticipated. The needles penetrated through the skin layer, leaving the injured surface red. Face also felt a little "swollen" afterwards. I was informed that there would be redness and peeling over the next few days, and that I need to moisturize intensely.

A customised soothing mask was spread over my face afterwards, soothing and hydrating the skin immensely. This was left on for 20 minutes.

The mask was removed and my skin was cleansed. I felt *A could have been more gentle when she removed the leftover bits of mask from my face, especially given the tender state of my skin. Then she applied some moisturizing lotion for me.

The entire session took around 2 hours. I was briefed on proper care-taking procedures by *J before leaving. My face is raw and red now, displaying the injuries like a trophy.

Here is a shot taken a day later - patches of red around treated areas (namely forehead, left and right cheeks). It is a little raw and very dry, vulnerable, so plenty of hydration is required. I am told downtime will take 3 to 5 days. I hope to see visible and good results soon.


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