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Monday, 27 March 2017

Lunch at Sushi Express Restaurant @ Citylink Mall

1 Raffles Link, #B1-23 Citylink Mall, Singapore 039393
Tel: 6238 9811 / 6509 5002

Have been thinking of visiting Sushi Express for a while, because I love Japanese food and sushi. Also, the idea that every plate is a mere SGD $1.50 is unbelievable, isn't it? And this includes sashimi, desserts, and some other items that would be marked "red plate" at other Japanese restaurants.

So we headed into the simply-decorated restaurant with its large communal-style tables around conveyor belts. Service was decent at best, as staff led us to a table and we were left pretty much alone to pick our own dishes; fuss-free dining. There were many types of sushi, sashimi, vegetables and desserts going around.

Started with Salmon Sashimi - succulent but one is not to hold high expectations at any semblence of springy freshness. It satiated the constant desire for sashimi though.

Other items included Cheese Masago Sushi, which was a little too rich and moistened for my liking, with a strong buttery taste.

Cooked Octopus Sushi was rather nice - chewy and firm, leaving nothing much to the imagination except its gentle sweetness.

I did enjoy the Cooked Squid Sushi very much though - tender and tasty, garnished with little spring onions and wasabi.

The Wasabi Octopus Sushi was so-so, a mish-mash of items tossed together and the wasabi flavour was near bland.

A plate of fresh Lady's Fingers for balance - firm, crunchy and juicy, one of the better items here for me.

Following that, Jumbo Eel Sushi, bound with a single strip of seaweed for that added flavour.

Finally,  a slice of Japanese Cheesecake with blueberry swirls for dessert - creamy and firm, not not overly indulgent, concluding the meal gently, beautifully.

At the payment counter, I also grabbed a Peach Vinegar (SGD $1.50) to take away. The beverage was sweet, light peachy notes creeping in, laced with slight sourness.

The total damage for me was only SGD13.85, all in.

Sushi Express is a good place for quick, affordable sushi dining, especially when one is enjoying a solo meal by themselves and not want the fawning over by the service crew. They also replenish varieties of sushi very quickly, so one could enjoy a good assortment.

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