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Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Lunch at O'Batignolles French Wine Bar & Bistrot @ Club Street

2 Gemmill Lane, Singapore 069247
Tel: 6438 3913

Passed by O'Bagtinolles Wine Bar and French Bistrot quite often, and noted too that they have events frequently. Interest was piqued, but somehow never made it here for lunch until today.

Named after a district in Paris, Les Bagtinolles, this bistrot and wine bar seeks to serve up delicious French food and exquisite wine sourced directly from producers, in a soothing and traditional Parisian setting.

Service crew was cheerful, efficient and friendly. While explaining the lunchtime menu to us, they'd even propped the mini blackboard daily mains menu on the chair next to us so we could get a good look without twisting our necks to glance at its original position.

Besides a good selection of salads, tartines and mains, the set lunches were very enticing as well. Set A (SGD $17.00) consists of a Soup of the Day as well as a choice of their Tartine Poilanes. Set B (SGD $18.00) includes a Soup of the Day, a Salad / Sandwich / Quiche and a mini Dessert and Coffee. Set C (SGD $28.00) is made up of a Soup of the Day, a Main Course and mini Dessert and Coffee.

Today's soup was the Leek and Potato Soup, served with crispy croutons on the side. The thick, creamy soup had the nice leeky kick and small potato cubes, giving it a nice bite.

The La Batignolles Salad was made up of goat cheese, honey, thyme, cherry tomatoes, croutons, bacon and mixed salad. A burst of flavours and refreshing crunch in the mouth certainly.

The  Beef Boutguignon was lovely and dainty - red wine braised tender beef rolled up artfully, served with mashed potato and vegetables.  Flavour was not too heavy like the usual French dishes - it was lovely, and easy on both teeth and palate.

I opted for an English Breakfast Tea over dessert, served with a mini Madeleine and Cream Puff dusted over with sugar. The madeleine was drizzled with chocolate sauce to add flavour, utterly palatable and wrapped up the meal perfectly. A small shot glass of fruit cubes (apples and rock melon) sat on the side as well, balancing the heavier lunch with natural source of vitamins.

Next time round when I re-visit (and I definitely plan to), I am so going to try some of these exquisite, fine wines proclaimed to ve found only here at O'Bagtinolles.

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