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Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Dinner at Oasis Taiwan Porridge Restaurant @ Toa Payoh (Revisit)

303 Toa Payoh Lorong 6 Town Park, Singapore 319393
Tel: 6346 4418

Visited Oasis Seafood Restaurant a little over a year ago to celebrate my mother's birthday (review here) to revisit for a larger-scale family dinner,  because of the stellar service, pond surroundings and good food.

Oasis Taiwan Porridge Restaurant serves a menu primarily focused on Teochew cuisine, and this time, we decided to go for the Sweet Potato Porridge (free-flow). It was smooth and delicious, going very well with the other food dishes.

A plate of crispy mini Silver Fish started the meal, prepping our appetite.

Minced Meat Omelette was our first dish, fried to a lovely golden brown. The minced meat was tender and a lovely savoury flavour; each piece of egg was like a meat pie.

The Deep-fried Beancurd was also tasty, cooked in a luscious pool of dark sauce. Some crunchy, chopped vegetables topped the beancurd, adding texture.

Next, Braised Duck with Tofu, a traditional Teochew dish, also in a pool of sweet-savoury dark sauce. Meat was succulent and immersed with the sauce's delicious flavour; the tofu cubes were silken and lovely.

Following that, we had Steamed Garoupa Fish, in a clear light sauce tossed with carrots, button mushrooms, leek and spring onion. Flesh was flakey and springy, with a natural luscious taste.

Then Cereal Prawns was served, crackling with deep-fried oat flakes and the flesh was bouncy flesh. A light curry flavour blanketed the delicious seafood dish.

Minced Chicken was shaped like a pie as well, garnished with spring onions and chilli, gently redolent of a mild wine sauce.

Last but not least, Braised Large Intestines with their powdery-textured, murky-flavoured interior and a crunchy exterior.

For desserts, Mango Pudding with fragrant mango flavour and a satiny texture.

Longan Almond Tofu was cool to the touch and nectarous, soothing the palate after a tasty, savoury meal.

Chinese Tea and Red Wine accompanied the meal as well, quenching our thirst as we dipped into the dishes here.

Overall dining experience here was again, joyous, surrounding by waters and willows and warm service by the crew.

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