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Friday, 17 February 2017

Valentine's Dinner 2017 at West Coast Park - Picnic

Saint Valentine's Day 2017 marked the first V-Day we celebrated as a married couple, after 10 years. Over the years, our annual celebrations often meant romantic dinners and / or staycations at various restaurants, including the restaurants listed below and in the earlier days, Sha Villa @ Somerset, Desire @ Hotel Scarlet, Roast @ One Rochester, etc.

This year, we decided to do something we have been wanting to do since forever, but never gotten around to doing it - a picnic! There were always the excuses such as "no time", "too much things to pack", "too cheap for special occasions" and "would it rain?" that prevented us from doing it, but this year we were taking no shyt.

So I tried to put together all his and my favorite things, and we settled on West Coast Park in lieu of Gardens by the Bay or Botanical Gardens (the latter just had a 250-year tree collapse a day ago!).

I ordered a Fortune Set from Pizza Hut (SGD$26.00), inclusive of 2 personal pan pizzas (we chose Curry Chicken and Hawaiian), 4 Chicken Winglets, 3 slices of Garlic Bread and 4 Breaded Chicken Strips.  The pizzas were delicious and he loves pizzas from Pizza Hut, with the thick crust and all. The box was handy for bringing around, and keeping food that we couldn't finish.

Then I also bought takeout foodstuff from Vanilla Bar & Café (review of past visit here); Jo Ann was really nice to prepare them beforehand, and kind of came up with a little special off-the-menu request; also thank you for the delicious Anchovies Toast surprise!  Okay, so from Vanilla Bar, we had Spam Fries (SGD$12.90), Serrano Ham (SGD$8.00) and Brie Cheese (SGD$12.00). The latter was meant to be a mini Charcuterie Board, and she had thoughtfully included a mini salad and anchovy toasts so it looked and tasted really good.

My mock-up at home, before we headed out to West Coast Park

Moving on, we also had Korean Strawberries (SGD$8.00) and Cherries (SGD$14.00) from Sun Moon, Red Wine (SGD$12.90 each) from Marks & Spencer, and Valentine's Chocolates alongside some other little snacks. Oh, add on the picnic mat, tealight candles and little decorations - the picnic was around SGD$160.00 - the sum equivalent to dining out at a semi fine-dining restaurant.

But it was fun - we dined at our own pace, chose the perfect sea (on the beach) that we wanted, and chatted about everything under the Sun, which was something we hadn't time to do for a long, long time. Meals these days are usually rushed or we need to make way for the next seating. We decided that we should have picnics more often, now that we have sort of gotten a headstart. There're gardens, reservoirs, nature reserves and parks which we could definitely explore; maybe we could start organizing one for the family as well.

I found myself enjoying the process of sourcing for various food to coordinate together for a picnic. But best of all, I got to enjoy a nice long meal with my Love - so here's Happy Valentine's Day to all. Remember, this day is not all about romance and lovers - it is also for the family and friends we hold dear to our hearts. Spread love, not hatred, and everyday is Valentine's Day.

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