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Saturday, 4 February 2017

Review on Yves Rocher's Hair Rinsing Vinegar [Sponsored]

Brand:  Yves Rocher
What: Raspberry Vinegar of French origin
Country of origin: France
Size: 150ml
Price: SGD$18.00

So it does sound strange to me, using vinegar on hair. Not that strange, though, as an ill-married friend of mine used to buy pure (cooking) vinegar to use as shampoo and baking soda for softening. 

Anyway, I was given a bottle of this beautiful, ruby-colored hair rinsing Yves Rocher raspberry vinegar to use. Instructions were to use it for the final rinse, after distributing it evenly through the hair.

It is said that this raspberry vinegar cleanses the hair, thus removing it of impurities, and follicle-clogging substances such as limescale. It is also supposed to contain hair-smoothening and softening properties.

Upon removing the lid, the scent hit me and I nearly went into ectasy. It smells of French raspberry with vanilla hint - sweet, pleasant, and totally similar to my favorite childhood's raspberry ice-cream sandwich (you know, the one in the picture above, sold by mobile ice-cream uncles?)

I drizzled them all over the head and washed hair and used hands to massage the vinegar evenly in. This was followed by a final rinse. Fret not, it does not sting or feels acidic, just in case anyone was wondering. It felt kind of cooling, in fact.

The results? Hair felt cleaner, lighter and softer, emanating a gentle shine that makes me want to touch and smell my hair all the time.  Do I want to buy another bottle of this again and again?  You bet!

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