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Monday, 27 February 2017

[Poem] Stepping Out

I step out of my dress, 
Pool of silk on the floor, 
Cream rose and sprawling, 
Smooth like my waxed skin. 
Your eyes are smoldering, 
Burning up the inches between us, 
I stand cold in my nudity, 
Yearning to step into your arms. 

Resistance is hugging me tight, 
From behind, a possessive lover. 
As the mind remembers the pain 
I felt, after every rendezvous. 
I pull up my dress, 
The cool silk touching me 
In places where you should be. 
But the heart says to run.

I step out of your life, 
Pool of tears on the streets, 
Warm like your kiss used to be, 
The night wind never howls louder. 
Your smile is cruel, 
But most of all, baffled. 
You do not understand why 
Or when I woke from your nightmare.

Copyright © 2017 WinePoetess

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