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Saturday, 18 February 2017

[Poem] Soul Searching

When I asked you
To search my soul,
I did not mean
For you to dig
Beneath my dress,
To reach depths
Wrapped around desire.

You've touched my bosom,
Felt the heart
Beating to your rhythm.
You've stolen my breath,
And turned the still night,
I tremble
When your skin meets mine.

Your wine outlines my form,
As your tongue trails softly
Lolling in spots
I never knew could react
Like this.
Your eyes burn mine,
And you say that I am
A female with a man's mind.

But that's because,
You have been trapped inside
For far too long.
Living in my head,
Like songs with unfinished tunes,
Like winds without colors,
Like a king with no morals,
Minding my thoughts.

I close my legs,
And snap my mind shut,
Carrying a shattered heart
To the ajar door,
Doing a tangle with you,
On who gets out first.
I need closure,
From this sinful exposure.

Copyright © 2017 WinePoetess

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