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Thursday, 23 February 2017

Dinner at Equilibrium @ Capitol Piazza (Revisit)

15 Stamford Road, #01-86 Capitol Building, Singapore 178906
Tel: 6384 4069

Having visited Equilibrium (review here) for drinks and falling in love with the ambience, I decided to return for food, bringing some friends with me. Owned by the same people behind Supply and Demand (review here), Equilibrium is primarily an Italian restaurant and bar serving up a good range of small Italian dishes, main courses, handmade desserts and delectable cocktails.

Ambience is intimate and tranquil, with little details and mirror reflections to add a sophisticated touch. The duplex space elongates the signboard in an eye-catching vertical fashion, so it is not easy to miss this modern Italian Barcaro and Ristorante. Service was attentive and friendly overall.

We started with Panelle (SGD$12.00) - Sicilian-inspired Crunchy Fried Fritters made from Gram Flour paired with a vibrant Cucumber Salad and duo of sauces. Loved the earthly flavour of lenthils in this texturized pastry snack dish.

La Bombette (SGD$9.50) - Pugliese grilled skewers of Pork Belly wrapped around a sinful mixture of grated Parmesan cheese, Oregano and chilli flakes, served with spicy lemon garlic dip. The spherical shape of these pork belly wrapped skewers resulted in an explosion of flavours in the mouth, the perfect appetite-whetter or accompaniment for drinks.  Unfortunately I neglected to take photos of this dish - you can check out Ivan's capture here.

We also had a Orientale Maiale (SGD$22.00) pasta dish - stir-fried pasta, minced pork, salty back bacon, button mushrooms, arugula (wild rocket) leaves infused in a delicious, salacious broth of garlic, Roman fermented fish sauce, parsley, white wine vinegar, chili and ginger, giving the palate a palatable spicy kick.

Following that, we had the Vegetarian Corn and Mushroom Cremoso Farfelle (SGD$18.00), a lovely non-meat dish consisting of al-dente ribbon-shaped pasta with sweet corn, button mushrooms, shaved Parmesan cheese and sun-dried tomatoes, giving us a touch of zest in a creamy dish.

The final food dish was the Vegetarian Margherita Pizza (SGD$19.00) - crackling thin crust topped with mozzarella cheese, buffalo mozzarella cheese, basil leaves,  oregano and tomato sauce. The texture was crispy, light and good, but we felt that the flavours could have been bolder.

We had lots of drinks too, of course. My NSFW Cocktail (SGD$24.00) - Not Safe For Work, literally - a luxe concoction with a fiery kick, comprising rich vodka-infused chocolate rose tea with chococlate syrup, French cream, fresh bird's eye chili and shaved white chocolate. This was truly a burst of flavours.

The Practical Magic Cocktail (SGD$24.00) was a fun drink served separately in 2 parts - raspberry nectar tea infused with Gin, fresh lemon juice, Liqueur de Violettes and Saint germaine Elderflower and Mint Syrup served with Smokey Blue Curacao on the side.

Next, the Sencha Apple Cocktail (SGD$24.00) - nothing but in a pot! A delightful brew of Sencha-infused Vodka with honey, apple sour liqueur, fresh mint leaves and dehydrated apple slices.

Smoke on the Water Cocktail (SGD$26.00) - smoky potion of floral hibiscus tea, honey water, Cherry Brandy, tangy Sloegin, orange zest and a splash of fiery Absinthe.

For the tea lovers, the Madarchod Cocktail (SGD$23.00) - enticing flavours of India - a creamy Chai Latte shaken with Amaretto, Bulleit Boubon, hazelnut syrup, French cream and honey water, delectable and keeps one awake.

Lastly, the Bubble Yum Reinterpreted Cocktail(SGD$24.00) - reviving our childhood through this Watermelon Liqueur with Watermelon Tequila, Amaro Montenegro, wild hibiscus tea syrup, blackcurrant tea, rim of crushed sweets and cotton candy - sweet and fruity.

It was a fun evening with interesting drinks and decent food; this is my third visit and there's definitely going to be more.

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