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Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Afternoon Tea at The Living Cafe @ Bukit Timah

779 Bukit Timah Road, Singapore 269758
Tel: 6468 4482

Combining the best of healthy lifestyles through Yoga and healthy eating, The Living Cafe (TLC) has managed to create this lovely concept right here. Setting is comfortable, naturalistic (note greens and stones as part of decor) and simple, though music seems to be a little too loud.

The heart of this cafe evolves around raw food; so salads and soup are aplenty. If these do not conform to your liking, fret not, for they serve burgers, pastas, chicken and salmon etc. as well as an assortment of coffees, teas, fruit smoothies and wine.

I also noted the colourful array of Desserts, dainty and actually healthy-looking. Items such as Raw Mint Mocha Brownie, Raw Raspberry Brownie, Raw Tiramisu, Raw Ganache Tart and Raw Blueberry Cheesecake etc, are all lined up to tempt the customers.

*Katherine went for the Asian Quinoa Salad (SGD$17.00), comprising leafy vegetables base - it contained a robust "chicken and mushroom" type of flavour which led the palate through delicious Asian fulfillment.

I went for The Living Salad (SGD$17.00) which was a complex mix of baby spinach, purple cabbage, alfalfa, flaxseed crackers, avocado, cherry tomato, beet and cucumber. The citrusy salad was crunchy and simply nutritious.

Powerballs - been hearing all about them! Imagine lots of goodness stuffed into bite-sized desserts so you could eat lesser portions and more varieties. Raw Cocoa Oat Goji Balls (SGD$3.50) was jam-packed with cocoa's darker aroma and goji's subtler sweetness.  Raw Lemon Raspberry Macaroon (SGD$3.50) left a lovely trail of zest through the mouth.

Raw Mocha Mint Square (SGD$6.50) was moist and redolent of chocolate richness combined with invigorating touch of fresh mint.

Raw Tiramisu (SGD$8.50) was moist as well, bursting with coffee fragrance in each bite.

Soy Latte (SGD$5.00) was strong with soy's smooth sweetness. Soy Mocha (SGD$5.00) left us experiencing bursts of soy among chocolate's aroma. Both were truly palatable.

The Hulk (SGD$8.50) is strongly recommended, a smoothie blend made up of berries, orange, banana, protein, organic brown rice, Vitamin C and flaxseed oil.

The Hazelnut Latte (SGD$5.00) - not too strong on anything at all, a smooth bitter-sweetness with mild nutty roast and gentle creaminess. And what was refreshing was that they didn't follow the current trend of latte art, so seeing this art-less coffee was really a nice change.

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