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Saturday, 21 January 2017

[Poem] Where are the Fangs?

He caresses her gently, slowly, 
With his probing tongue, 
Inching in closer as he tastes 
Her soft skin so sweet. 

She feels his tongue on her earlobes, 
Lightly nibbling, his hands fondle 
Between her arms, sending sensations 
Indescribable, while she waits for the pain. 

He sniffs her hair, lingers at her neck, 
Slowly moving southwards 
To where she trembles badly 
Waiting for a palm or stab of the tongue. 

She smiles, watching his red lips work, 
Nervous for the agony of his bite, asks, 
"You're so gentle baby, where're the fangs?
" He chokes, chuckling, "I'm an actor, a mortal."

Copyright © thearcticstar 2016

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