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Sunday, 22 January 2017

[Poem] Painting You

Tonight, I wish to paint you, 
Paint your face full and white; 
Leaving it colorless, like a corpse 
Paint you in the light I see you. 

And tonight, if I paint you,
It would be with piano music 
In the background, a glass of red, 
Breezes billowing through the drapes. 

I wish to splatter paint all over you, 
Red, blue, white, yellow, black; 
To bring the colours back to your life, 
To see your cheeks rosy again. 

Yet all I see is darkness, fading lights, 
Peeling paint off the walls, 
Your pale face monochromatic, 
And the colours start swirling...

Copyright © thearcticstar 2016

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